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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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Serious question re Capehart.

In his follow-up, he says:

This was after officials at the University of Chicago confirmed to me that the caption on the 1962 photo was changed in January from Sanders to Rappaport after a number of alumni came forward last year to insist that the young man in question was not the former but the latter.

If *this* January, I find the timing suspect. Or was it last? (I vaguely recall hearing the caption change happened some time ago.) But then why this sudden interest *last* January or earlier?

Anybody happen to know some backstory (plus the timing), just for my curiosity?

ETA link to follow-up, plus statement that not contacting original photographer before first piece was pretty unprofessional.


Need to get away from tablet for physical wellbeing - help/opinion?

My left neck and shoulder are quite messed up from holding tablet in left hand and typing with right forefinger.

Wish to find something small, fast, with good keyboard that is comfortable to hold in lap and has matte screen.

OS negotiable, but don't like what I've heard about Win 10 and wish to avoid steep learning/setup curve if possible.

Loved MSI Wind 10" until upgrades in work computers made me gradually dissatisfied with its speed. Can't be upgraded. Still occasionally consider trying Linux on it.

Have business-class refurbished Dell 12" which is excellent except that I can't just grab it off the shelf behind my recliner like I can the tablet.

Thank you all very much in advance.



Clinton became one of the biggest Democratic guns yet to rally behind Cuomo’s ticket this week, part of a strategy to overwhelm Teachout and her running mate Tim Wu with party firepower.



I know one can put people on an "ignore" list, but

I wish there were a "to be disregarded" list. elad, might this feature be added? Members, is it there and I have missed it? I seriously have trouble remembering whom to take seriously.

(This was prompted by a thread I recently participated in that, upon reflection, was in response to what I regarded a particularly silly OP, although many of the replies provided interesting information.)


I'm not going to dig any further into this bill after seeing the vote tally.

Voted down by a good margin, overwhelmingly by Democrats. Many yucky Rs and 4 Ds voting for it. The only ones who missed the vote are currently running for President.

In other words, the Ds seem to disagree with you about getting it to the floor, for whatever reason, and I'm quite sure Bernie made the correct judgment that it was a vote where his presence would not alter the outcome.

Did you think no one would check the link?

Clinton campaign bragging

On working with Tom DeLay on foster care??

Source: Joel Beneson, MSNBC, 10:15 Central.

Oh yeah??? Great ally....

ETA: Given that you can't mention every person you've worked with, this is not one I'd pick to brag on. Not saying she's associated with this, just giving an example of why I wouldn't mention that slimeball's name as a bragging point.

Thank You, Bev Carter
February 03, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

This is a story I have been trying to get the media interested in for a solid year.

Tom DeLay’s home for foster children was a ruse to paint him as a nice guy before his trial. People fell for it and money was wasted like buying pearls for a pig.

Of the 8 houses built, seven stand empty, rotting in the Texas sun for two years. And apparently Tom likes it that way.


Bernie is "too much of a bite, ideologically"????

(Chris Matthews, MSNBC, 11:28 Central.)

Are you kidding? If it's "too much of a bite," how did he get where he is from basically nothing?

(Not monitoring, going to bed, night.)


Uh, Andrea (note, no "Mrs. Greenspan" - who is this "they" of which you speak? It took me four or five sentences to figure it out.

Oho - so the Clinton campaign (not Hillary herself) did kinda, sorta declare victory, and we go from that to "sigh of relief"?

I'd find it amusing, if the fate of the world didn't hang in the balance.

Yeah, I didn't provide a link, but I hope I've provided a coherent description. Network, MSNBC. Time, 11:10 or so Central.

"Sigh of relief"???

Oh dearie dear.... A sigh of relief that it was virtually a dead heat....? Uh, I'm no politician, but I don't think I would have put it that way....

Just leaving this here, as I have to go to bed now.
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