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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,067

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Sitting in my woods.

Beautiful weather today. I'm sitting my back against a tree in the woods on our property. Spring is definitely here.


Got the covid money deposited in my account this morning.

I just checked and sure enough it landed in my account this morning.

Edit: I'm not on social security and we filled our taxes in February. I have it setup via hr block to direct deposit ( or direct pay when we owe some ).

WTF ? Rachel Maddow is reporting that american companies

Making masks are exporting them . There is a shipment of 280 million n95 masks about to leave the country. Apparently the feds have not asked companies to not do so and sell to Fema instead in order to supply our hospitals.

so much for cases declining in Italy.

a few days ago there were speculations that the Italians had started turning around with the number of deaths per day declining. That trend did not last. It's increasing again. Poor Italy has now over 10,000 deaths.

"We expect to see the first effects of the stringent lockdown measures adopted on March 11 after 2-3 weeks, so the coming week will be absolutely crucial in this sense: we expect to finally see a sign of trend reversal," said Franco Locatelli, President of the Health Council

At first, people thought that had been the case since deaths started a downwards trend from the 20th til the 23rd. Alas, it has since reversed the trend and its climbing back up.

This is the kind of thing that is going to happen here if we relax the stay in place restrictions too soon.

Covid-19 hitting very close to home..

Two employees from my lab just tested positive. We were shutdown a few days ago but not before that. There was a few day overlap where they were working being asymptomatic.

we will be number one in cases by this evening.

as of now, china 81285, italy 80589, usa 80071 .

in the next few hours we will take the lead. Good job Trump!

The presidency is way too powerful.

It relies upon having a reasonable person as a president. Our checks and balances are completely inadequate. All the remedies to remove a crazed president assume that both parties will recognize the problem and act.
Trump will literally kill thousands of people and nobody is fucking lifting a finger. Apparently, party is more important than the wellbeing of the nation.

Senator Klobuchar behavior versus gop senators.

Her husband is in the hospital on oxygen because of Covid-19. Yet, she decided that she does not need a test since she does not qualify under the guidelines the public has to follow . She was not around John for the past 14 days.

She leads by example.

Contrast that with celebs and random right wingers getting tested up the wazoo.

Amy is really impressive. I want her to be president some day. Hopefully she starts as a vice president.

The best thing for the country would be for Trump to catch COVID-19

If he ended up in the hospital ,maybe this would make the rest take it seriously. Heck, even him in quarantine and not at the updates would help.

Ps: secret service if you are listening I'm not wishing for his death..

I bet we are going to find out that gop senators have been tested

Constantly , symptomatic or not. The rules are for the little people, not them.
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