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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 9,112

Journal Archives

Apologies from me to DUers. Frustrated, after having read Biden lost Florida,

I went off in a few posts about the "Blue Tsunami" and the "GOP is dead" theories that were floating around for the past few months. But after 3 hours of sleep (tossing and turning), and after logging in this morning, I didn't read any of the replies to those posts, because I knew I was out of line.

Last night, I was seriously gobsmacked (sorry, I had to use that word) by the early loss in Florida, and it felt like we were living 2016 all over again. I guess I was looking for someone to blame.

I'm so glad things seemed to have turned around.

Have a beautiful fall season everyone!

When Biden gets 270+ today, I'm going over to my MAGA neighbors' houses (there are 2 of them)...

and hug their American flags.

It's going to be so wonderful to have an honest, U.S. constitution loving President in the White House again—and, the first female VP!!!

I'm looking so forward to gutting that freak from our WH--but we're also going to have a female VP!!

And a VP whom I believe will be #47.
(I'm not ignoring Biden, I'm going to be extremely happy to have him as our President—you don't even know).
I cannot wait to wake up from this 4 year nightmare.

I have to admit, I thought things were going to be a lot uglier by this time (the week before Nov3).

I expected violence from MAGAs, Trump and Barr make preparations to arrest politicians, etc.
I guess anything is still possible, but I thought for sure it would have be absolutely crazy by this time.

Not crazy about the local fireworks...but congrats to the L.A. Dodgers!

I don't mind the fireworks that much personally, but my dog gets very scared. It's sad to watch.

IMO: President Obama was the greatest U.S. President since Roosevelt.

I was watching the interview by David Letterman from 2018(?): listening and seeing President Obama talk and think, as he dug deep into his intellect to explain current events was astonishing.

I miss the U.S.A.

God I hope Biden wins with massive coattails on November 3.

Damn! Check out this post by California Governor Newsom comparing early voting (2020 vs 2016):

Gimme Some Truth

I donated to Biden/Harris tonight.

Biden/Harris 2020!!!

I wish an illustrator would create a drawing of Trump...

happily walking at the airport, waving and holding a suitcase-like cage with a few immigrant children inside.
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