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Fritz Walter

Fritz Walter's Journal
Fritz Walter's Journal
September 19, 2022

IDing a Fascist

The raised-arm salute is a real give-away!
April 18, 2022

TLP to poor, elderly: Republicans will "skin you alive!"

These used to be "third-rail" issues. For those unfamiliar with the term,...
The third rail of a nation's politics is a metaphor for any issue so controversial that it is "charged" and "untouchable" to the extent that any politician or public official who dares to broach the subject will invariably suffer politically. The metaphor comes from the high-voltage third rail in some electric railway systems.

What a fitting way to end pRick Snott's political career!
April 10, 2022

Betty Bowers schools Ron DeSatan on CRT

In this case, the initials stand for "Christian Reactionary Training."

Spoiler alert: she even mentions the bible (gasp!)!
April 1, 2022

Today's Lincoln Project video

Although,... When you read the World's BIGGEST Sore Loser's name in Cyrillic (Russian), it almost looks like TRAMP.
March 26, 2022

Home Depot now the biggest corporate donor to 2020 election objectors

Boycott Home Despot!

It has been years since I've set foot in one of their stores, and it looks like it will be decades before I do so again.

From Yahoo Finance:
Home Depot (HD) became the new leader through the end of February thanks to a surge of $140,000 last month alone. The company has now reportedly donated $265,000 in total to these lawmakers, dubbed the "Sedition Caucus" by political opponents. All told, 48 of the 147 lawmakers in this group have received money from the company’s PAC.

“No corporation can truly claim to be on the side of democracy while they throw money at the election objectors in Congress who tried to finish what violent insurrectionists started,” Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig said in a statement after the latest numbers came out.

To see whose names are on the Sedition Caucus list, click here.

March 25, 2022

Trucker convoy drivers "peeing their pants in D.C. traffic"

This story brought a smile to my face this morning:

Blaming the mayor for making you pee your pants is ... not something grown-ups do. Welcome to the People's Convoy.

When they said they’d be livestreaming, this isn’t what we had in mind.

The remaining truckers in Washington, D.C., who gathered for a “convoy” earlier this month are apparently having trouble finding places to relieve themselves as they circle the D.C. Beltway.

So much so that they’re peeing their pants with some regularity.
Source: Huffington Post

It turns out that the Peephole's Convoy is considering threatening D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and city police officers with of citizen's arrest.

The convoy has been casting about for a raison d’etre since states nationwide have relaxed their mask and vaccine mandates. The truckers’ original cause ― COVID-19 restrictions ― has ceased to be a galvanizing force.

Too bad the World's Biggest SORE LOSER can't -- or won't -- help them out with some Depends!
March 14, 2022

Randy's Back!!

...and just in time!

March 10, 2022

TLP's latest: President Biden Has America's Back. Do You Have His?

Absolutely. Wholeheartedly. Unequivocally.

March 3, 2022

VoteVets latest ad NAILS it!

"Nothing good comes from appeasing a dictator.
Whether it's the butcher in Moscow.
Or the defeated loser in Mar-a-Lago."

"Donald Trump's appeasement of Putin wasn't just a personal act of treason. It's the Republican Party's official position." emphasis added
Indeed, they are the #PartyofPutin!

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