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Hillary Surges in Reuters Tracking Poll

Here's a chart showing the preferences of likely Democratic primary voters over the past couple of months in the Reuters online poll. As of Friday October 2nd, it's Clinton 58%, Biden 19% and Sanders 17%. You read that right: a whopping 39-point lead over her nearest competitor.

As you can see, it's generally been fairly stable...but not always. For instance, notice the slow and steady Sanders surge around mid-September? That was about the time that Quinnipiac came out with their much-publicized poll which showed Bernie leading Hillary by one point in Iowa and the general "Hillary Doom" theme was reaching its apex in the media.

Now check out the huge one-day spike towards the end for Clinton. That was on Wednesday September 30th. Something to keep in mind is that this is a five-day rolling average poll...so it seems as if something particularly dramatic might have happened right around then. What could it have been?

It just so happens that last Wednesday was when the Kevin McCarthy thing really blew up after his nationwide admission the night before about the purely political nature of the Benghazi committee. And it looks like Democrats noticed big time.

It should also be noted that this past weekend, which included the very widely-viewed SNL appearance which capped off her best week ever, is not yet registered in this poll. So no one should be surprised if Hillary's support in the polls goes even higher in the coming days. ... http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/05/1428047/-Hillary-Surges-in-Reuters-Tracking-Poll

Republican 'Benghazi' Obsession

House Democrats have been tracking the progress of the "Attack Hillary Clinton Benghazi Select Committee, day-by-day, dollar-by-dollar. As of this week, we're closing in on $4.6 million spent by the party of fiscal responsibility to discover that Hillary Clinton did something that may or may not have had anything to do with Benghazi. That's taken more than 500 days. ... http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/01/1426385/-Republican-Benghazi-obsession-by-the-numbers

NH Gov Endorses Hillary!

DURHAM, N.H. — Hillary picks up another key endorsement as she continues her campaign swing through New Hampshire Friday. Gov. Maggie Hassan endorsed her at an event at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. The event focused on the rising cost of college tuition. ...


Truth Revealed About False Poll

I wonder if this will ever get any press? The media keeps asking Hillary about the Quinnipiac Poll and it's so unfair!

Democratic Support for Hillary


Ranking member, Adam B. Schiff, of the Select Committee on Benghazi says to shut it down now!

"Whatever their original purpose, the Select Committee’s leaders appear no longer to have any interest in Benghazi, except as the tragic events of that day may be used as a cudgel against the likely Democratic nominee for president.

The committee is solely concerned with damaging her candidacy, searching for something, anything, that can be insinuated against her. With all of the committee’s obsessive focus on Mrs. Clinton, you would think that she was a witness to the killings, instead of half a world away.

Some of my colleagues think this is just good politics. And already, other ambitious committee leaders are hoping to get in on the act with their own inquiries and attacks on Mrs. Clinton. This is a terrible mistake, and it would be no less offensive if it were a Democratic majority going after a Republican candidate. Do we really want to see future select committees ginned up to attack other likely presidential nominees?

A committee that cannot tell the American people what it is looking for after 16 months should be shut down. Otherwise, Benghazi will come to be remembered not for the tragedy that claimed four American lives, but for the terrible abuse of process that now bears its name. ..."


Tom Vilsack Endorses Hillary!

Tom Vilsack: Why I'm supporting Hillary Clinton
"I intend to proudly caucus for Hillary Clinton — plain and simple. Hillary Clinton is not new to the fight for middle class families. Throughout her public life she has consistently fought to expand and strengthen the middle class. I have no doubt she will continue that fight as president." ... http://www.thegazette.com/subject/opinion/vilsack-why-im-supporting-hillary-clinton-20150825

Don’t Bet Against Hillary

A bloggers take on the resilience of Hillary.

"Hillary’s critics are chomping at the bit to drag her and her campaign down this election year. The constant attention being placed on her email server controversy is representative of the desperation that Republicans feel in 2016.

If Hillary Clinton is anything, it is resilient. The media hounds that are out for blood this election cycle will be disappointed when they eventually find out that their efforts only stiffened Hillary’s resolve and inspired her supporters to send her to victory in 2016. Despite the constant barrage of criticism that Hillary is facing on what seems like a daily basis, her critics would be wise to consider the following reasons why she remains in good shape to be the next occupant of the White House. ..." http://www.willhillarywin.com/2015/08/25/dont-count-out-hillary-yet/

This is why I LOVE Hillary

A blog from Daily Kos, with an interesting poll at the end.....

There is a reason why Republicans hate Hillary Clinton. She is an uppity woman who doesn't "know her place." She refuses to back down and SHE ALWAYS FIGHTS BACK! Somehow she finds a way to survive despite the unending shit they throw at her. This is absolutely maddening to the male dominated right wing who see women as nothing more than subservient objects or incubators for fertilized eggs. "Why won't she go away already?" is an oft recycled sentiment on the right.

Fighting back is exactly what Hillary did at the recent Iowa Democratic Wing Ding -- a meeting of Democratic party activists in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Proceed with caution, Hillary Clinton bludgeons Republicans over the fold...

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