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Member since: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 03:58 PM
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FBI agents are changing their FB profile pictures to Comey


more evidence of Trump's BS


How does Jeff Sessions square his letter firing Comey with this video

when he defends Comey for doing what he did in October and before?

Googled Image of Sessions Letter:

I note Sessions letter stands behind his deputy's allegations linked here:

Youtube Video from October 2016
Sen. Sessions on the FBIís new investigation of Clintonís email case

In that video above, Sessions says:
"He (Comey) had to tell the American people .. rather than keep it secret because if it is different than what he told the congress in his testimony and the American people uh then he had to correct it."

"I didn't like the meeting on the airplane (of Lynch and Clinton) ... it put Comey in a position where he had to make this announcement..."

"... And now he's (Comey) stepped up and done what his duty is I think"

"He's got evidence to go forward now with further criminal investigation. He has no other responsibility than to follow that and then tell the American people what he is doing.

"I think it's significant. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done it."

How do you keep a two faced, lying sack of shit like Sessions (who already perjured himself on Russia) as Attorney General of the United States when by basically his own admission in prior statements (above), blatantly conjures up contradictory bullshit to fire the FBI Director who is investigating him and his boss for their ties to Russians that messed with the general election?

This is way beyond Watergate.

Why wasn't Trey Gowdy outraged by leaks related to Clinton emails

investigation along with the rest of the GOP? The hacking of classified Secretary of State emails was a national security issue. The Inspector General for the Intelligence Community was involved as was Comey and the FBI.

Why didn't Trey go after those leakers who provided info on the case to the media?

Rhetorical question?

Without those leakers, Flynn would still be Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and National Security Adviser to Trump and Comey might not be so pressured to look into Russia's involvement with Trump.

For 24 million more Americans, it's dirt cheap!!

.. as in the dirt tossed on their coffins ..

For every million uninsured, about 1,000 die

So Paul Ryan's plan is to quietly commit about eight 9/11s per year on the American people by 2026 or about 186,000 Americans dead due to a lack of healthcare by 2026 under Trumpcare.

Trump must think this is a smart plan because dead people can't vote. Or maybe he'll claim they're voting illegally from the grave.

Donate to Independent Special Prosecutor looking into Trump campaign & Russia

No brainer.

Bet the majority of America - not just the majoirty of the press would agree with me

+1 Это правда

They're going to kill some people

I've felt that since long before the election.

For most of his life, he's had money, corporate power and all the women he wanted

for Golden Showers or whatever he could buy.

I think the only thing left to entertain this mentally sick animal is the power and rush for killing people. I think he would get off on it and he can't wait.

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are loving the circus distraction while they do what they can to dismantle things like Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, environmental protection, taxation of the wealthy, etc, etc. So there are the domestic perils of their platform that will kill many Americans while Trump stumbles daily trying to remain in office.

But the rest of the world is sitting back, plotting how to take advantage of this blood thirsty buffoon. He wants to push the buttons of military might and the longer he is in office, the more likely it is that he will. Unchecked, I think he's going to kill a bunch of Americans. This idiot could be duped into World War III.

Bloomberg: The FBI Wants to Make America Great Again

Itís not just that FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that there may be things on Anthony Weinerís computer pertinent to his investigation of Hillary Clintonís private e-mail server. Nor is it the extraordinary Wall Street Journal coverage this week that revealed frustrations in the bureau over alleged Justice Department pressure to slow-walk an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The cherry on this banana-republic split is a tweet published Monday from a long-dormant Twitter account called @FBIRecordsVault. It disclosed that new records of the bureauís probe into Bill Clintonís pardon of Marc Rich had been released because of a Freedom of Information Act request.
Comey appears to have done his best to stay out of the election, but he is in the middle of it now. Through leaks and tweets, people in his bureau appear to be helping Donald Trump -- a man who has called for Clinton to be jailed. Ironic that Trump is the one who keeps saying the election will be rigged.

I'm sure a number around here have been having some similar feelings.
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