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Member since: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 07:32 PM
Number of posts: 1,545

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"Hey, who are you voting for?"

"Hillary Clinton."

"Oh, what a dirty trick!"

"What dirty trick?"

"You told me you were voting for Clinton."

"How is that a dirty trick?"

"It demoralized me."

Rachel just told Tulsi Gabbard

that her endorsement "gave an enormous boost" to the Sanders campaign.

I'm not sure about that, but it sure gave an enormous boost to the amount of face time Tulsi gets on TV.

~and the lights all went out in Massachusetts~

MSNBC calls it for HRC

Get used to hearing this

"Clinton won big, but..."

Excuse me, Dr. West.

Could you please go and campaign for Senator Sanders in Massachusetts and Minnesota, please? The Clinton supporters would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Cornel!

Shut your pie hole, Brian Williams

Nobody gives a shit about the fucking emails.

I Thought I Was Reading The Onion

Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed to his leadership as mayor of Burlington as a qualification for dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin if he is elected president.
Speaking with MSNBC's Chris Matthews in Chicago on Thursday night, Sanders was asked whether he has the necessary foreign policy experience to handle Putin.
"I took on a lot of people as mayor of Burlington," Sanders said, according to DNA Info Chicago. "I think I can stand up to Putin and all the others."


When should I change my name?

I'm looking forward to becoming 92DejaVu.

'92 was a much better year.

On to SC- Feel the ClyBurn!


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