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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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All the Ryan presser was about was to say that he is not yet on-board with Trump.

Appropriation bills ...when has the GOP cared about not passing legislation?

Bernie vs Trump debate. Designed for both to bash Hillary.

What could possible go wrong? Bernie and Donald agree on all of the main economic and political issues and they agree on how to handle them: no more trade, break up the banks, and go after Wall-Street, and Hillary is corrupt, the system is rigged against Bernie, and Hillary must not be elected President.

So what would the debate be? Maybe the two of them forming a ticket for November?

Bernie is through in the Democratic party any way so he may as well do this and start another party for his "revolution." He is really disgusting and he suckered punched the entire Democratic party.

Maybe folks don't like trade agreements because we can't cheat either and other countries will hold

us to fairly high standards. Yes, it's all about FAIR trade agreements. This is an example.


so, it appears that the only trashing of the women alleged to have had affairs with Bill Clinton

came from Donald Trump talking about Paula Jones? Now that should make a great ad to run just before the GE if not sooner.

And if Trump paid no taxes for years, how can he face the white, working class men and women who have paid there fair share of taxes all along?

How can you speak about "making America great again" when you don't even contribute to supporting America and American ideals? Taxes are for the common good. If you take from the government but contribute nothing in return except smearing and trashing, are you really a patriot, do you really have America's best interest at heart?

Making America great again by trashing America and the American government. WTF?

How can you make America great again by trashing everything America does, including bringing back the most stable economy in the world?

So, is MSNBC now on the Trump payroll? 3hrs of pump the Trump. Trash Hillary

and paint Bernie as a victim. It is really getting hard to watch MSNBC anymore.

Mikulski on Bernie


All the media talk about negative polling just adds to the feelings of negativity,

The media is the biggest problem with American politics. Their continuous harping about all things negative fuels the flames of hate and bigotry of kinds

Hillary was great today!!! nt

How many women out there whose spouses have cheated on them like being called enablers?

I venture to say that about 90% of married women spouses have cheated on them unless they belong to the LSD cult of polygamous marriages. And a fair number of women have cheated also.

None of the spouses I know like being referred to as enablers...even where this might be the case if they are in special arrangement marriages...then it's not "cheating."

And when Bill was in office, i knew plenty of women who would have loved the chance to sleep with Bill.
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