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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
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One way to stop Trump is for Romney or some other respected GOPer to run a third party campaign.

Is it too late for that? It would have to be someone from the right using enough dog-whistles to pull some folks from the Trump ranks. Of course that means a Dem President...which actually doesn't sound so bad to some Republicans who absolutely loathe Trump and Cruz.

Bernie's Pressor..just now. Now we know his "priority" is to get elected President...

In response to a question about the issues affecting child poverty in SC Sen Sanders was asked what would his priorities be. His response was that his priority is to get elected President. I was stunned.

This is all I will say about that comment. What kind of headline would you expect to see all over the place and what kind of comments would you expect to hear IF Hillary had made the same comment in response to the same question?


Well, them Senator Sanders, if Hillary is adopting ALL your language and positions then you can

bow out gracefully and let her be the nominee with the best positions and the best experience.

That being said, Hillary does not need to adopt anything from Bernie...she has had her positions for years and has accomplished much with them.







Trump says any damn thing he wants and the media jumps on Kaisch for that statement????

After seeing the video I don't understand what the problem is? I find many other things to dislike Kaisch for but not this statement.

Just finished listening to the President take questions at the NGA (Governors Association)...

I will not comment except to say this: You must find the audio link and listen for yourselves. That said, many are going to miss this fine President when he is gone from office. Listen and LEARN!!! CSpan. has the full presser.


Just remembered I need to drop by and say "Hi."

Nice to meet you.
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