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Member since: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 08:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,089

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If Nigeria can do it, why can't we?


Let this be a lesson to the Democrats..never again welcome non-Democrats into the party to do

damage. Let them all go third party if necessary.

Trying to blame the slash in voting polls on HRC instead of the cuts in funding in PR because of

their financial crisis. It is really nasty of Bernie and his supporters to do this. I hope the supers are paying close attention.

I just wish CA would settle this shit and give HRC an overwhelming win. nt

so the media is trying to make it look like a loss for Hillary if she doesn't get all 60 PR delegate

Tell me again how the media is not shilling for Bernie? We all know she will not get all 60 delegates. But she has picked up all 7 super delegates from PR.

When does "contested" = "process?"

When Bernie keeps saying it does.

Superdelegates voting is just the simple part of the PROCESS...that's not contested. It is a dog whistle to keep the party divided.

What? Swiss refuse guaranteed basic income? Bernie where are you?

I thought you wanted us to be like the Swiss.


Hillary opens herself up to critics on her foreign policy so

that she can set the record straight, give insights the media has worked hard to keep from the public, and to be able to define who is really a "patriot" and who isn't but just use faux "patriotism" to further their racist, misogynist, homophobic, sexist agenda.

Libya hasn't yet been talked about in full...just the throw-away comments about how bad Hillary is. The statistics on the entry into the Iraq war demonstrate that the majority of Americans (rightly or wrongly) were behind the Bush administration actions AT THE TIME. The Iran nuclear agreement will go down as one of the best moves this administration has made and the Iranians were bought to the table largely with her help.

When the questions are brought up, she will have answers. BUT her main focus now needs to be on the economy and JOBS!! BUT the jobs picture needs to be explained in reality-based solutions which must include training and education in skills and knowledge for the 21 century. I am confident that she can do this.

People need to understand that the Reagan growth rate of 4% happened under a nation

with about 20 million people less. You just can't create jobs in an environment of high tech and automation, will the growth of population that we have now. Someone needs to do some explaining to the voters. The only answer is infrastructure jobs but that takes investment from Wall Street and other folks we don't like. But Hillary may have more influence with them than Bernie or Trump.

Time for Hillary to pivot to the economy and beat both Trump and Johnson to the punch.

The job numbers were not good last month but the picture of jobs growth since 2009 is good and she needs to focus on what the Dem President did to save us and how she will be vigorous in building on what we need. She needs to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs...let the deficit and the rest of the financial bull go to the GOP...the average voter rolls their eyes over such talk. SS expansion, job,jobs,jobs, clean water, etc. Down to the wire, people are more concerned about domestic issues than foreign issues. She did a lasting job on Trump on foreign policy and the ads can continue this every now and then but job, raising minimum wage, improving our health and safety infrastructure, health, clean water etc.
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