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Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 740

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Jill Stein hitting front page news...



If this actually does happen, and I'm not saying it will, she's also looking for volunteers to observe the recounting in every county so if you live in the areas and can do it, volunteer.


Not getting my hopes up as I can only have them crushed every so often. But reading Trumpers in other forums pissing their pants does make me smile.

No more Clinton email leaks?

It seems Wikileaks stopped releasing those 'legit' emails that they were releasing throughout the election. Why could that be?

Mission accomplished?

I've been so despondent since the election that I only realized this today. What a shitty year.

Do these comments could as threats? Incitement to assassination?

I was googling for the name of a Syfy show I saw an ad for and came across an anti-Hillary video that had these comments:

Person 1:
"where in the hell is a Lee Harvey Oswald when you need one?!?!"
"for her reign of terror to finally be over somebody needs to take one for the team and take this bitch out!"

Person 2:
"you are right david. she is the devil and I hope someone sees she is never around to be elected"

I don't know if comments like this are of interest to the SS or not and I don't really want to make a fuss with them over something they don't think is actually a threat. But I do know that comments like these are friggin' scary. Seriously, who condones murdering somebody?

Screenshot with comments circled and also has the youtube address.

"Brownback’s support in Legislature weakens after moderates’ big gains"

As an unfortunate Kansan (until I escape) this is a minor relief; 11 seats in the House and 8 in the Senate:

Gov. Sam Brownback saw his support in the Legislature weakened significantly Tuesday when moderates prevailed in dozens of Republican primary races across the state.

“It looks likes the math is pretty clear we’re going to have a ruling moderate-Democratic coalition again,” said Michael Smith, a professor of political science at Emporia State University.

“After four years of the failed experiment, people ran out of patience,” said Roger Elliott, a moderate who won the Republican primary for the open House seat in Wichita’s District 87. He was referring to the income tax cuts Brownback ushered into law in 2012, which economists say have contributed to the state’s budget woes.

Smith credited grassroots groups, such as Women For Kansas, for turning out voters to support moderate candidates throughout the state.


With Benhazi and the emails over...

...and with suspicions about Trump on the rise, it's time for the fallback health scandals again.

My final Josh Barro tweet post (in regards to Bernie)...

On November 9: "There is no president-elect. The president will be chosen by the Electoral College."


Also, my last primary-Bernie post.

A good thread from Hannity forums...

It's fun seeing some of these people be alright with this.

Thread: Republicans for Hillary Superpac

Robert Ferdman (WaPo) on Huffpo Bernie Reporter

This is the longest euphemism for lying I have ever seen http://huff.to/27Rm1nv


How is this (the highlighted) acceptable again?

Politico makes me sympathize...

...briefly with Republicans:

Grass-roots conservatives and party leadership are finding a common cause: Limiting Republican primaries to registered Republican voters.


About women and advertising...

...a story from 2013. Not about Hillary but about women which is something I think all of us here in the HRC group care about (even those of us that are male):


Also the Hillary shill Google bans payday loan ads:


Edit: I'm not a big fan of many types of advertising, most of which seem like a legal form of brainwashing.

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