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Member since: Wed Mar 9, 2016, 10:07 PM
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Humor: Map of the Deep South (HRC Group)

I get a kick our of some of the things in r/enoughsandersspam but I don't like to link directly there cos most of their stuff is like a 4Chan lovefest so I link directly to the image:

Funniest no-bernie video I've seen (Hillary Group)

but I'm too much a coward to post it in GDP because some of those people are scary.

Edit: It's in Taiwanese so you'll have to read the subtitles

Links for people against those who continue to spread lies...

...about Hillary.

I'm just going to start throwing these links at them. I don't know if it'll work but this is getting scary.

How The Internet Is Helping In The Spread Of Misinformation
When the internet first arrived it was supposed to revolutionize the way we access information. Information was supposed to be at our fingertips. It has succeeded in doing so for the most part, but ironically, the internet has ensured that lies, half-truths, and distortions of facts are also equally accessible to us as actual facts from credible sources. This would not be such a big problem if people who were immersed in such myth and dogma lived in their own bubble in one corner of the internet. Many such myths are shockingly mainstream.


To tackle the spread of misinformation online we must first understand it
The top three issues highlighted for 2014 concerned rising societal tensions in the Middle East and north Africa; widening income disparities; and persistent structural unemployment. Perhaps surprisingly, in tenth place was a concern over the rapid spread of misinformation online, and specifically social media's role in this. With a value of 3.35 on a scale of 1-5 this was seen as "somewhat to very significant".


How misinformation on the internet is making us dumber
First, donít assume misinformation is obviously distinguishable from true information. Be careful. If the matter is important, perhaps you can start your search with the Internet; just donít end there. Consult and consider other sources of authority. There is a reason why your doctor suffered medical school, why your financial advisor studied to gain that license.

Second, donít do what conspiracy theorists did in the Facebook study. They readily spread stories that already fit their worldview. As such, they practiced confirmation bias, giving credence to evidence supporting what they already believed. As a consequence, the conspiracy theories they endorsed burrowed themselves into like-minded Facebook communities who rarely questioned their authenticity.

Instead, be a skeptic. Psychological research shows that groups designating one or two of its members to play devilís advocates Ė questioning whatever conclusion the group is leaning toward Ė make for better-reasoned decisions of greater quality.


Poll: GOP disapproval highest since 1992

I don't know why people (you know who) keep thinking Trump or Cruz can beat the Hill.

More than 60 percent of the American public has an unfavorable opinion of the Republican Party, an increase from last fall and the highest that the partyís negative rating has been since 1992.

Sixty-two percent of Americans have an unfavorable impression of the GOP compared to 33 percent who view the party favorably, according to a Pew Research Center study released Thursday. Thatís a more negative image of the party than in October, when there was a split of 58 percent unfavorable to 37 percent favorable

American opinion of the Democratic Party, meanwhile, stayed about the same: 45 percent view the party favorably and 50 percent unfavorably. That leaves a quarter of the public with a negative view of both parties, an increase from past presidential election years.


Everytime I start to fret about the (D) Party

I go to the Tea Party forums. They provide a valuable service in cheering me up.

The Republican establishment has already lost; they're stuck between a Tea Party guy (Cruz) and the anti-establishment guy (Trump) that's actually winning.

The Tea Nuts are also divided against themselves with their leaders (aka establishment) supporting Cruz and, get this, the Trump supporters post articles from Salon and Alternet to prove how corrupt the 'Tea Party Establishment' is. They have it so much worse than we do.

Tea Party forum comedy club has amazing threads such as:

Saying good bye to the Drudge Report and the other Trump propaganda media.

Something Aint Right In El Trampo Land -I s Donald Trump Showing The Early Signs Of DEMENTIA?

Trump Math


I think Hillary has this in the bag (but then I always think that).

And a bonus r/Hillary link. Bernie supporters coming over to make nice: https://www.reddit.com/r/hillaryclinton/comments/4gm30h/greetings_from_rsandersforpresident/

"Do any other liberals out there find themselves sounding like conservatives now?"

Funny thread I found in r/enoughsandersspam

My hate for Bernie and his flying monkeys is so deep that I now often find myself saying things like "get a job!" Or "take some personal responsibility!" Or "sometimes force is necessary!" Or "we have to think about business too!" Or "my taxes are going to be raised?!" etc. Anyone else? Any conservatives out there finding themselves liking Hillary?

I know it will go back but my god I hate them. Look at what they've done to me!

Yup, I've been amazed at how much I sound like a conservative now, without changing any of my positions. I now know how mainstream republicans must have felt after the tea party moved the goalposts.

And more in: https://www.reddit.com/r/enoughsandersspam/comments/4gitnn/do_any_other_liberals_out_there_find_themselves/

We really need someone knowledgeable on foreign policy

The right wing is doing really well in Europe and things could get ugly regionally or globally because of it.

What's Left of Europe if the Far Right has its Way


Polandís ex-leaders say new govt is demolishing democracy


Violent times encourage a step to the right in some nations


Politico: Sanders surrogate: Rosario Dawson comments 'not helpful'

Someone is not pleased.

Sanders surrogate: Rosario Dawson comments 'not helpful'

Bernie Sanders' lone Senate endorser on Monday rejected the notion that the recent comments made by one of the candidate's celebrity surrogates represents more than an isolated, inflammatory incident.

"No. This is individuals going off track on their own," Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) said in an interview with CNN's "New Day," addressing actress Rosario Dawson's invocation of Monica Lewinsky against bullying while introducing Sanders over the weekend in Delaware.


A helpful primary cartogram

for when people think acreage equals votes.

from: https://www.reddit.com/r/hillaryclinton/comments/4fwtzi/i_made_a_map_2016_democratic_primary_with_states/

Scary ad from Cruz...

This ad tries to lump Trump and Clinton together and the "Hillary" is scary; a nice peek into the alternate universe Hillary. Ends on a really stupid note.

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