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Beastly Boy

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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 12:21 PM
Number of posts: 4,859

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Biden leads Trump where it counts!

Poll: Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin

The Marquette University Law School poll also showed Biden leading the Democratic primary vote in the state with 31 percent.

This poll asked about four potential Democratic challengers to Trump in the 2020 presidential election, as shown in Table 12.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is favored by 50 percent and Trump by 44 percent, while 3 percent say they would not support either candidate and 3 percent say they donít know. In August, Biden received 51 percent and Trump 42 percent.

Sen. Bernie Sanders receives 48 percent and Trump 46 percent, with 4 percent supporting neither and 2 percent who donít know. In August, Sanders received 48 percent and Trump 44 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the choice of 47 percent and Trump gets 46 percent, with 4 percent supporting neither and 2 percent saying they donít know. In August, Warren received 45 percent and Trump 45 percent.

This is the first time the Marquette Law School Poll has matched Mayor Pete Buttigieg against Trump. Buttigieg is supported by 43 percent to Trumpís 45 percent, while 5 percent support neither and 7 percent say they donít know.


The moral obligation of our time is to restore, rebuild, and respect the backbone of America--

óthe middle class. That mission will be my North Star as president.

-Joe Biden


Biden to speak in Cranston, PA tomorrow, call for federal minimum wage raise to $15

ďTrump is robbing hard-earned wages from millions of workers across the country,Ē Biden said in the statement.


New Suffolk/USA Today Iowa poll: Biden-18, Warren- 17, Buttigeg - 13.


New CA Democraric Primary Poll: Biden leads by 15

While Democratic Candidates Treat Biden As a Has-Been and Direct Their Verbal Ammo at Newly Perceived Front-Runner Warren,
CA Voters Continue To Hop-On Moderate Joe's Bandwagon, Giving Him His Largest Super Tuesday Advantage, 15 Weeks to Iowa Caucuses:

New state of CA polling conducted immediately after the 10/15/19 Democratic Primary Debate shows California US Senator Kamala Harris today with half the support she had in August and former Vice President Joe Biden with more support than ever from likely Democratic Primary "Super Tuesday" voters, according to SurveyUSA research conducted for KABC-TV in Los Angeles, KGTV-TV in San Diego, and the Union Tribune newspaper.

At this hour, 19 weeks to Super Tuesday, when California primary ballots are counted, in interviews with 553 likely Democratic Primary voters statewide, the contest stands:

* Former Vice President Biden, 33%, up 6 points from September, despite intense scrutiny into his family's business dealings.
* Senator Elizabeth Warren, 18%, up 5 points from September.
* Senator Bernie Sanders, 17%, effectively unchanged from September, despite a heart attack.
* Senator Kamala Harris, 8%, down 5 points from September, down 9 points from August.
* Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 4%, up 1 point from September.
* Businessman Andrew Yang, 4%, down 3 points from September.
* Other Democrats at 2% or less.


I think every Democrat running for President owes Biden a debt of gratitude.

Biden has been singled out by Trump for a major assault on his character. He stands alone facing the worst Trump can throw at him, and Trump can't break him. Despite taking on the full force of Trump's attacks, Biden is still the front-runner, and as long as he remains in this position, the rest of the Presidential candidates remain relatively unaffected by Trump's attacks and free of relentless attempts at character assassination. This gives them the freedom to conduct their respective campaigns without having to face the full force of Trump's smear machine.

This, BTW, tells me two things about the Democratic primary race:

One, Biden has proven he can take on the worst Trump can throw at him and win.

Two, no other candidate can say the same.

Regarding Bernie's health

At the risk of stating the obvious: he is not dead. And he is not dying. Only he can accurately gauge his stamina and ability to continue running. It would be unfair for any of us to speculate on his state of health with regard to his fitness to hold the Office of the President. After all, at this point, he has not even been nominated, and we are months away from the Convention.

Like many DUers, I have a beef with Bernie (more accurately, I have a beef with Bernie's supporters, but this is not an issue I am raising in this post). But my disagreements with with him are political and ideological, not personal. I believe Bernie's health is entirely his, and none of my business. I further believe that bringing medical issues into a political discussion is sort of like bringing politics into an operating room. It's just out of place and not helpful.

If you ever wondered what hell feels like, the next few days may give you an idea.

Record high temperatures no matter where in the country you are, and Trump is your president.

My take on last night's debate

I get a very distinct impression that all Democratic candidates who run against Trump in the primaries will gain support, and those who run against Democratic candidates will lose out badly.

We should know this for certain very shortly.

Uber, Lyft drivers on global strike just before Uber's IPO

Source: Good Morning America

Uber and Lyft drivers around the world are striking on Wednesday to improve wages and working conditions just two days ahead of Uber's monster IPO that could generate $80 million to $90 million.

The hours drivers plan to strike vary by location but will span from New York to Atlanta to Tokyo.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/uber-lyft-drivers-global-strike-just-ubers-ipo-090150970--abc-news-topstories.html

This is a much bigger news story than it may appear at first.

This is the future of the labor movement. It must become global in order to be effective against multinational corporatism.

Glad it's finally happening.

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