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Member since: Thu Mar 24, 2016, 05:40 PM
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Trump's Dystopian TV Ad Cites Anti-Immigrant Group's Attack On DACA/DAPA

In case you checked out during Maddow's monologue. This is what she's talking about except she dug into CIS and it's founder's even worse history.


Donald Trump is out with his first TV ad of the general election, and it’s predictably despicable: an image of “Hillary Clinton’s America” being flooded with refugees and “illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes” while “the system stays rigged against Americans.” The ad has drawn comparisons to the infamous anti-immigrant ad that California Gov. Pete Wilson ran in 1994 as he was trying to push through a ballot measure imposing draconian penalties on undocumented immigrants.

So Hugh Hewitt is back on Team Trump.

He's going full in for Trump on MSNBC right now.

Also, this Outreach to AA voters is bullshit. It's not outreach if you don't go speak to AA voters.

Trump is supposed to start airing ads this Friday, how horrible do you think they will be?

If they're anything close to his rhetoric, we are going to be in for a show. Worse than Romney's "Hard Working Americans are getting screwed by black people" ad.

24 hours in Trump Controversies...

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Alex Seitz-Wald Verified account

24 hrs in Trump controversy:
Kazir Khan ->
Sexual harassment/Ivanka ->
Purple Heart ->
Baby booted ->
Paul Ryan stab ->
?? Still time...

Forgot to mention calling Hillary the devil and the 10 year saying "lock the b*tch up" that reinforces Secretary Clinton's strongest ad against Trump.

Elijah Cummings powerful speech about Diversity is...

not the time nor the place for your TPP protest.

Real Leaked Emails and Fake Leaked Emails.


If you can't find the leaked email on that page, it is fake and posting it here is just spreading malicious information.

The importance of Kaine's speaking Spanish.

I've seen it dismissed as pandering and useless, but of the 4 people that will be President or Vice President, only 1 of them can go to Spanish language networks and radio stations and appeal to Spanish speaking voters directly. That guy is on our team Not only that, but he learned Spanish, not because he was planning a future political run, but because he was teaching carpentry to Hondurans while he was a missionary.
Edit: Where he witnessed first hand, the toll of a dictatorship.

Nina Turner is on MSNBC to speak about Kaine...

Get ready!

So either the announcement isn't happening today or Kaine isn't it. #Veepstakes


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Dan Merica Verified account

.@timkaine has landed in Boston for his noon fundraiser. Asked by @betsy_klein if he has talked to HRC, Kaine said, "No news to report."

Anyone know what time the Florida rally is today?

Somebody is going to get an angry tweet from the Donald...


Jeff Flake Verified account

.@HillaryClinton now belongs in prison? C'mon. We can make the case that she shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark.

Guess he took some time out of mowing his lawn to watch his party's funeral.
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