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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Santa Cruz County
Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 09:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,985

Journal Archives

President Biden coming to my town today, Santa Cruz County, CA

I live in Rio Del Mar at Seacliff State Beach, one of the hardest-hit areas of the Central Coast.
The president is coming later today, I've seen his entourage's aircraft flying along the coast and he'll be at my location this afternoon after stops in Watsonville and Capitola.

Are there any DUers in Santa Cruz or Monterey Counties?


WHEN will we learn what McCarthy gave away to the other insurrectionists?

I am just guessing, any informed opinions are welcome to reply!

I imagine some of the concessions will be revealed with the reading of the rules, like the "one vote needed for motion to vacate" rule.

But others will never be known or can only be inferred by looking at who needed favors and which insurrectionists get to chair the various committees.

Are any journalists or pundits working on this, or any DUers?


I'm witnessing the destruction of a wharf on the central coast, and other things.

Here in Santa Cruz County we are seeing epic wind, waves, and rain as part of the series of atmospheric rivers.

The Capitola and Santa Cruz piers have been damaged and will remain closed and two hundred feet of the wharf at Rio Del Mar is gone.

Ask me anything, I'm watching it from my workstation at home.

Watch the wharf collapse at the 15 seconds mark of this video:

Predictit had McCarthy at just 41 cents to win right now.

I love following this page and had it running 24/7 during the tight senate races.

Betters are pretty good indicators of outcomes, it seems. I would love to see Jeffreys numbers higher.


Link to the official "Medicare and You 2023", recommended!

My wife and I are just back from a two hour meeting with our local HICAP office.
HICAP (the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program) is, I think, unique to California, a non profit organization with offices in each county.
I suspect each state has a different Medicare "Navigator" program.

They explained the various Medicare parts, then got into the differences between Medigap and Advantage plan forms of supplementing the missing parts, and did so without showing any bias.

Here is a link to the Medicare and You 2023 handbook, we were given a print copy.

My wife and I are probably going to select a higher-end Medigap plan.

Warnock leads 64% to 36% with 12% of votes counted

I expect this to hold through the night.


MSNBC free streaming above.

EDITS: updating results periodically.

Hershel Walker: "What we need to do is keep having those gas-guzzling cars..."

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R): "If we was ready for the green agenda, I'd raise my hand right now. But we're not ready right now ... What we need to do is keep having those gas-guzzling cars, 'cause we got the good emissions under those cars."



The way the GOP is exploiting this man is criminal. Surely, the voters will know what to do in December.

Just in case, I'm making another donation to Warnock.


I laughed out loud at this editorial cartoon about The Biggest Loser.

Credit to cartoonist Morten Morland.

Found on Twitter earlier today.

Fetterman at 84% and 91%, earliest returns from two largest counties.

Per msnbc. ETA Philadelphia County returns.

iCloud clusterf***. Please advise re deleted files.

Hi all.

I'm confused by iCloud and have a new iMac and new Macbook Pro.

Shortcuts to iCloud folders used up all the free space on the MBP and it seemed to be OK to drag the shortcuts to the trash, hoping that those folders and files would stay in my iCloud account.

Apparently I was wrong and the files are gone and I don't even see a way to recover them per apple instructions in this apple page:


Any suggestions?

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