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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Right on cue, my MAGA sister is having a fangurl fit.

"President Trump is coming to Columbia! He's flying into the Columbia Regional Airport on Thursday, 11/1 and having a rally at the Airport @ 6:30pm. We have free tickets but not sure if we will be able to go. They have Trump stands all over the place selling t-shirts, and hats, etc. I want to get one! 😊"

She knows my opinion and I just reminded her again how despicable this cruel crazy man is. That's it, we've sparred as usual, and now it's back to detente.

She's a fundamentalist and not well educated. I will not break with her; I've already lost one sister to cancer, and this one is a cancer survivor. But there is no hope, no hope at all, that these people will change.

I was FIRST to vote! But what a mess.

I voted at the little library named after Tip O'Neill. It was supposed to start at noon. The room was 14' x 20' and it held a conference table, eight voting booths, a desk, seven chairs, a printer, scanners, ballot box, supplies, and five people who were just setting up and figuring out what to do.

As the line grew behind me, everybody was calm and jovial, but at 12:15 some people left. After much discussion, they handed me a ballot and I filled it in. But I couldn't put it in the box without an envelope that wasn't there. A police officer arrived with two boxes of 500 envelopes each. I got one and was told I had to stand there and fill out the info on it by hand, but there was no place to stand and the pens weren't working on the envelopes. Then I had to place a sticker across it to seal it. I finally put it in the box!

It was all worth it. I'm going to assume my ballot was properly handled and my straight D ticket will count. Yay!

Well, damn. If I hadn't just splurged on

Jingle Ball tickets for the grandkids in December, hubby and I might have been able to go to a World Series game. I was checking out ticket prices at 6am and watched cheapest seats go up $100 as I browsed. I'm just not going to pay close to $2,000 (with fees) to sit where we can't see the ball anyway.

We'll see it better on TV.

How could I possibly have just gotten a Ted Cruz fundraising email?

Did they steal Beto's donor lists? I don't live in Texas.

OMG! A baby has been named after me!

My granddaughter just had a baby an hour ago and when I asked my son her name, he said Octavia Gayle! Mine is the second name. I am shocked--SHOCKED, I tell you, by how much this means to me. She is my tenth great-grandchild.

Ok, now I know why people do this. I have a strong urge to give her gifts and favor her forever. Lol

Selling bunk beds on Facebook's Marketplace.

Holy shit. 445 views in the first two hours. Private messages by the dozens. Who knew white bunk beds would be in such demand! One appointment set up and they already cancelled. Somebody coming tomorrow but will they show up? This is crazy.
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