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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
February 22, 2020

Bernie is not a Democrat. He will be a Disaster if Nominated. Think of KY.

I live in a state that is reliably blue. Our electors are pretty much assured to be blue and vote for any candidate who is not Trump.

That is not the case in many places. In many "purple" states it is not the case. In KY, where we really, really need to unseat McConnell it is not true.

I will say it over and over again. Bernie is NOT a Democrat and he is a loser for Democrats.

February 9, 2020

Vindman cannot fight back. Trump attacks those who cannot challenge him.

Trump is a coward.

Vindman cannot, personally, issue any statement or fight back in any way. For him to do so might violate military regulations and rules regarding respect for the CIC. NOT that the current CIC deserves respect.

Trump is disparaging a man of honor who cannot respond. Because Trump is a coward.

Vindman may need to reign in his attorney just to be safe. I don't want to see him Court Martialed. We all know Trump will push for that if he thinks he can get away with it.

February 6, 2020

G-dammit. Romney is NOT a hero. Stop praising him. Just stop!

For F's sake, can we please STOP praising Romney for just doing his job and abiding by his oath?

Yes, I know he's going to be an outcast among the Trump cult. That doesn't make him a Democrat though. It doesn't absolve him of being a corporate raider who bought companies, loaded them with debt and then ran out on the pensions of the retirees of those companies by declaring bankruptcy.

It doesn't absolve him of believing that almost half the country are "takers."

HE IS STILL AN F-ING REPUBLICAN. He still wants to have you work for fewer wages and benefits while he has multiple multi-million dollar homes.


November 10, 2019

2020, like 2018 Will be about Turnout

This article from FiveThirtyEight is pretty good, IMHO. The take-away I got from the article is Turnout is Key! We saw this in AL in 2018, defeating Roy Moore. We must Get Out the Vote!

"There’s one last lesson that the 2019 results suggest about 2020, but it’s one that we already knew: Turnout is likely to be through the roof. In Kentucky, we estimate based on preliminary data that 43 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot for governor; not only is that much, much higher than the 30 percent of the voting-eligible population that we estimate turned out in 2015, but it’s also higher than the 42 percent who voted in the Senate race in the regular 2010 midterm election. In Virginia, we already know that more people voted than in any state-legislative-only election since at least 1976 — and The Washington Post estimates that there could be thousands of votes left to count. If we see a corresponding spike in turnout between 2016 (already a pretty high-turnout election by recent standards) and 2020, polling places could be overwhelmed with voters. Americans are telling pollsters that their levels of interest in the upcoming election are at unprecedented highs — and according to one recent poll, they are already more excited about voting than they were on the eve of the 2016 and 2012 elections!"


November 3, 2019

My FB Conversation with an opponent of M4All or anything but status quo

We still have a very long way to go on convincing people that some sort of nation-wide healthcare is needed. Pelosi may be right about it not being the best plank to run on. I put on my nice face and tried to make logical arguments and not be a jerk.

One of my friends posted this meme going around on FB. My conversation with a person who disagrees is an example of what we are fighting. Basically, ignorance and selfishness.

- Meme -
I spent 36 years in the insurance business. So I know a thing or two about the subject. The one thing everyone needs to understand is that insurance is an exclusionary product - that is includes good risks that the insurance companies want, it EXcludes bad risks they do not want.

Because the exclusionary nature of insurance, health care is not, never has been, and never will be, a good candidate as insurance product. This is because everyone needs health care

Everyone - without exclusion.

So don't talk to me about socialism or capitalism or anything in between. We need to adopt a universal health care system because health care is universally needed - unlike what is provided by insurance.

It's really that simple.

--- end of meme --

++ Opponent ++
We don't need bigger government. Heck, by your logic government should run everything.

- My Response to Opponent -
I do not believe the original poster is suggesting the government run everything. There are, however, things that are too big for private companies to do effectively. Building the interstate highway system was too big for private companies. Going to the moon was too big for private companies.

We faced those challenges as a nation together. We can face the health care challenge as one.--

++ Opponent ++ Just in case you missed it
Kaiser can do it for $22 trillion less than the government can!!!!

- My Response to Opponent -
No, Kaiser cannot.

++ Opponent ++
i have the uber kaiser plan that costs a lot and very low caps on my out of pocket

Take that, multiply it by 330 million people... it costs 22 trillion less than the ewarrens plan

- My Response to Opponent -
So you LIKE to have caps on your coverage and paying out-of-pocket? I don't. Cancer treatment in our country can bankrupt you with caps on coverage and out-of-pocket costs. My boss, just had to take out a HELOC to pay for medical costs for a chronic illness his wife has. It took lots and lots of visits to specialists to diagnose and then treat. Each added a cost that wasn't covered because he hadn't met the family annual out-of-pocket.

It makes no sense to me that his family's home is now in jeopardy because his wife was ill through no fault of her own.

The US spends almost twice as much as other nations on its private-company, healthcare and gets worse outcomes. If you add up the Kaisers, the Blue Crosses, the Providences, etc. they cannot do for less. This is even worse when you consider that not everyone in the US has coverage.

How Does the U.S. Healthcare System Compare to Other Countries?
How Does the U.S. Healthcare System Compare to Other…
How Does the U.S. Healthcare System Compare to Other Countries?

++ Opponent ++
Of all things people want control over, they want control over my body by controlling my healthcare

- My Response to Opponent -
People ALREADY have control over your body because they control your healthcare. Can you change jobs and take your current plan with you? Your current doctors? Most people cannot. So, your boss has control over your body right now.

++ Opponent ++
you haven't seen my plan. It's insanely good

++ Opponent ++
last companies i switched between both had a Kaiser option... so yes, i did.

As for my boss having control I'd prefer someone i see every day over some bureaucrat far away. I can directly influence the guy or girl i work for by helping to improve the bottom line and argue for better benefits if needed.

- My Response to Opponent -
Some thoughts. You were lucky that you were able to change jobs and keep the same insurance company. I've never been that lucky. Reality is, if something happens and neither you nor the company for which you work is able to pay your premiums you are out of luck. You will have no coverage and when you find a new job it may or may not offer the Cadillac plan you now have. This can happen due to circumstances beyond your control. Maybe your company goes bankrupt, lays you off or gets bought by some far, far away bureaucrat who cuts the coverage. You are then out of luck.

Another thing about your arguments is they are all about this being a "me" problem only. As in you ONLY care about healthcare as it pertains to you and ONLY you. Whatever happens to "them" is of no concern. If there is one thing I'd really like us to get back from the "good old days" and "golden age," it is the ability to care about others and look beyond our own selfishness. Back when "WE Can Do It!" meant WE would do it. Not "I got mine and f-you."

Healthcare in this nation is not a "me" problem or a "them" problem. It is an "US" problem. You may not realize it but it affects the productivity of the economy as a whole. Which affects your wages and disposable income.

++ Opponent ++
i think us is better served when we harness self interests.

Anyways, it's been fun debating and you make good arguments. I gotta head out.

- My Response to Opponent -
So, in conclusion, it's okay to be a completely self-serving person and not care about anything else?

I guess you never got the point of the "First they came for..." poem.

You're also missing out on the lesson of thousands of years of evolution. If raw self-interests were the best option we'd have never developed into a species to the point where you and I could have an internet, and, this discussion. We'd still be killing one another for that one gazelle on the savanna we were both tracking.

November 2, 2019

Dems MUST make clear Quid Pro Quo was personal gain only, not for the US gain

If the Democrats don't start making it crystal clear that Trump's quid pro quo request was entirely for personal gain and to fix the election then the GOP strategy of defending it as a normal tool will win.

The GOP has seized upon just about the only thing they can to defend Trump. They're saying "Yes, he did it and it was perfectly legal and normal. We do that all the time." There is truth to that statement in the "We do that all the time" part. We ask for quid pro quo all the time from other nations when it is to benefit the US.

There is a huge risk the GOP is going to spin this as Trump's intention were for the US and not just to get dirt on Biden. Given their mass-marketing machine and FOX propaganda, they have a very decent chance of getting away with this and giving their Senators a cover for voting against conviction.

This is why I think they need to bring more than just the Ukrainian call into the impeachment. They need to bring the clear and obvious obstruction of justice and abuse of office into it. That complicates the messaging, I know.

FFS, though, there has to be a Democratic marketing/branding/messaging firm out there somewhere that can put it in terms people can understand. If we're not hiring them now, we're being damned stupid and we're going to lose again.


October 26, 2019

I want him impeached and removed so he can't use the title

One of the reasons I want Trump impeached, and there are many, is so he cannot use the title President any longer. For him, that would be a Uuuge, bigly hit to his ego.

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