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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Ignoring human rights violations for a perceived "greater good" can never be accepted

To me the scariest thing about the disappearance of Khashoggi is when Trump immediately brought up the 110 billion in arms sales with the Saudis when asked about the reporter's disappearance. In that moment, he seemed to be weighing money against human rights, assessing the value of person's life to a perceived greater good, not what our American ideals are about.

We shall see what happens as this matter unfolds, but I'm not very confident that money won't "trump" human rights when it comes down to it.

As Americans we can not accept anything that puts money over human rights, heaven help us if we ever start.

To any Limbaugh or Beck listeners that might be trolling here

It's called metaphor. Look that up if you need to. When Eric Holder says "kick 'em" he's speaking metaphorically, not literally. It's not a call to violence from the left.

Oh, and another thing, protest is legal in America, even when it's not something you agree with.

Kamala Harris tells what was not in the FBI report

Kamala Harris puts into the record what was not in the FBI report

Early voting for my state starts day after tomorrow!

I can't wait! If you want information on early voting in your area here is a link. Just put in your state and county. Keep in mind that early voting is sometimes called "in person absentee voting".

The Fairness Doctrine was a good thing

I was program director of a small radio station 28 years ago. I had worked there for 13 years, most of which was during the days of the Fairness Doctrine. And, contrary to right- wing belief, the Fairness Doctrine was not a nightmare of constantly having opposing sides demanding time to be heard, and it never limited anyone's 1st Amendment rights. In fact, it worked to strengthen the 1st Amendment.

We would host morning talk shows on many different issues, all the while remaining neutral, letting listeners make up their own minds. People were courteous, and it was often hard to tell what side of an issue people were on because they called in, not to put down “the other side”, but for information to use in forming their own ideas. It was a forum, not an arena for competition.

Having worked in the business first hand, I feel I can honestly say that the Fairness Doctrine was a good thing. It kept things balanced, unlike today where radio stations can be totally one-sided 24 hours a day. To my mind, getting rid of the Fairness Doctrine for broadcasting was the first step toward the awful divisiveness that exists in this country today.

Some would say the Fairness Doctrine was “government control”. To those people l would ask: what about other kinds of “control”? Every law is a form of control. Are we to get rid of all laws because they “control” us? Good laws protect as well as control. The Fairness Doctrine was in place to protect the airwaves from becoming one sided.

My 88 year old mother just told me her own personal "me too" story

I'm still in shock. Without going into detail, she was in high school at the time and it was a prominent person in her small town that attempted to have his way with her. He was her boss at the time. She never told her parents. The only person she ever talked to about it was her friend, and the only reason it came up was because her friend warned her several days later that it had happened to her too.

At one point she said she had to hold on for dear life while he attempted to pull her out of a car! When I asked her why she never told anyone, she said she didn't think it would matter because nothing actually happened, totally ignoring the fact that something had happened! She had been physically assaulted whether there had been sex or not.

I never knew this had happened to my mother. I am totally pissed. It's a good thing the perpetrator has long passed away or I'd be in the car right now heading his way.

I'm calling my local Democratic headquarters today to volunteer

I want to help. I'll canvass, drive people to the polls, whatever. This crap has got to stop.

"Someone's gonna have to tell Trump"

To me this is one of the funniest lines I've heard in awhile. Does anyone else find this both telling and humorous?

The statements from Kavanaugh's buddies

In my opinion the statements from Kavanaugh's friends backing him up are a little too carefully crafted and beg for further investigation. This article is interesting.

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