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Member since: Wed Jan 18, 2017, 05:53 PM
Number of posts: 310

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Video of distressed elephant receiving CPR

Truly incredible


Doctor who provided abortion care for 10-year-old rape victim to be investigated by Indiana AG

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says his office plans to investigate a doctor who provided care for a 10-year-old rape victim who crossed state lines to have an abortion.”

Here we go…


MIT scientists think they've discovered how to fully reverse climate change

“The idea revolves heavily around the creation and deployment of several thin film-like silicon bubbles. The “space bubbles” as they refer to them, would be joined together like a raft. Once expanded in space it would be around the same size as Brazil. The bubbles would then provide an extra buffer against the harmful solar radiation that comes from the Sun”


Maybe a little good news for a change

Giuliani complains Cassidy Hutchinson 'was never present' when he 'asked for a pardon'


Giuliani appears to admit asking Trump for pardon before claiming he never did – then deletes tweet altogether


So you walk into the mob boss's office and the walls are splattered red

Must be ketchup 🤔

Wednesday's hearing POSTPONED

No reason given

Jan 6 hearing now delayed 30-45 minutes

After Stepien declines to show. According to CNN.

Stone tells TFG that DeSantis is 'a piece of s***'

Show’s starting, grab your popcorn


Donald Trump reunited with his longtime confidante and Republican operative Roger Stone at Mar-a-Lago this weekend - who wasted no time in getting into grievances.

Mr Stone posted a video on Rumble, a conservative social media site, and other platforms on Saturday showing him embracing the former president at his private club in Palm Beach, Florida.

In the video, Mr Trump is seen recognising Mr Stone and embracing him.

“Roger, my man! I didn’t even see you. How could I not see my Roger,” Mr Trump says.

Mr Stone responds: “God Bless You,” while Mr Trump follows up, by saying: “I hope you’re doing well, is everything OK?”

“Ron DeSantis is a piece of s***,” Mr Stone then replies, before the video clip ends.

No other context was given for the video clip, so it is unclear as to why Mr Stone insulted the Florida governor. The Independent has contacted a representative for Mr Stone for comment.

Trump Held a Contest for Small-Dollar Donors to Have Dinner With Him. No One Won

Who gives money to a fucking “billionaire”?????


Anyone else expecting a "you lie" moment tonight?

I hope I’m wrong. There are just way too many wingers trying to out-spew each other to secure their orange bonafides. Get ready for it.
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