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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:40 PM
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We saved West Berlin with the Berlin air lift

So we have a model to use for Puerto Rico

I never thought I could learn more about the Vietnam war until the PBS documentary

this week.

I was drafted in 1966 and spent most of 67 and part of 68 in the war. I knew we were being lied to but I thought that was to keep us from questioning.
But watching the PBS Vietnam special I now know they didn't know how they were ever going to get out of the war even before I got there and the escalation or why I went to war was for Johnson and his administration to save face.

I didn't die but what a fucked up reason to make me fight for survival for a year.

This documentary is going to bring back a lot of shit we stuffed way back in our minds.

I wonder if John McCain was watching the PBS series on the Vietnam war last night?

They showed John McCain after his capture by North Vietnamese talking to a French journalist. He was laying bed with broken bones and he was crying and telling the journalist to tell his wife he loved her.

Maybe those memories are part of why he is against this bill. He knows what suffering is.

I don't understand Bernie's Medicare for all

He just said on "All In" that with Medicare for all your insurance premiums would go away.

I have Medicare and I pay premiums for part B and D and for a suplimental plan.

And I paid for part A with payroll deductions.

I think calling Bernie's plan Medicare is a misnomer because with Medicare you pay premiums.

Medicare and Health Net are my insurance companies

Why aren't we hearing or seeing what IRMA

is doing to Cuba right now or the 8.4 earthquake in Mexico that hit today?

Florida folks, Will Sanibel and Captiva suvive IRMA?

I spent some of the best times of my life there.

I hope they recover if need be.

It is 102 degrees here on the central coast of CA today. Yesterday we

set a record high of 102.

Normal temp is in the low 70's. We are six miles from the ocean.

We don't have air cond because we usually never need it.

Our house is well insulated so it is cooler inside if we keep the doors and curtains closed and the fans on.
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