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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,516

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I hate being lied to my face

It will be all lies so it isn’t with anyone’s energy

Can trump reverse his reversal of Obamas

Dreamer plan?

Tweety got a lump in his shorts over trump's latest speech.

Then says trump can defeat the blue wave with a good economy.

Then the right likes a government shut down so the shut down won't hurt the repubs.

He's on his right side tonight.

What if everyone got a monthly check from the government?

In an audacious experiment, Finland is giving some residents a “basic income” of $16,000 for two years, no strings attached. Here’s what two of them did with the money.

One afternoon in the final days of 2016, Steffie Eronen got a phone call from her husband, Juha. The Eronens had spent Christmas with relatives in Savonlinna, Finland, and Juha had just made the two-hour drive home so he could return to his job as an electrician. The couple live with their 5-year-old daughter in a cozy, two-bedroom apartment in Mikkeli, a quiet, midsize city in the southeastern part of the country. Juha was calling to let his wife know he was home safe, and oh, by the way, an important-looking letter had arrived for her from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland—or, as everyone calls it, Kela.

“Open it,” Steffie said.

There was a pause as Juha tore into the envelope. Then he laughed.

“You got it!” he exclaimed.

“Got what?”

“Basic income,” Juha told her. “You’re in the program!”


This is a long piece. I did not read it all but have book marked it for later. I am retired and living on a pension and social security and my wife who is younger is still working. We are doing OK but younger people will run into problems that I never had to.

We are going to need a new model. My question is where does the money come from and what kind of society will we need to make it happen. I hope this is answered in the article. Do the rules of economics I learned in school still apply?

Found out this morning that I have a friend

who lost his house in the mud slide in Monticeto on Monday.

He sent an email from Starbucks.

Ellen is going to have a special show from Monticeto at 3:00 Pacific time today with Oprah.

17 are dead 8 still missing. Hwy 101 is closed until Monday

It is weird to not see co workers from Ventura at work. Parking lots are half full.

No trucks moving on 101

Oprahs home town of Montecito was

partially covered with a huge mud slide.

12 people are dead and more are still missing.

The mud came down starting at 4:00 AM at 50 mph knocking homes off their foundations.

Hwy 101 was covered in several places.

I live near there and this is the worse mud slide I have seen.

It’s cause was today’s heavy rains and the Thomas fire which was the largest wild fire in CA modern history. The fire is 95% contained

With new year, California becomes 'sanctuary state'

California became a "sanctuary state" Monday, as a bill that Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in October officially took effect.

The law bars police in the nation's most populous state from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities in most cases, Fox News reported.

The Golden State is home to an estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants.

“These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear everyday,” Brown said on the day he signed the bill.


Everyday I get more proud of our state. We can have nice things if we elect Dems. Don't be a single issue or a purity voter. Nothing comes unless we have the power to make change and that means majorities in assemblies and congress.

Forget your pet peeves and vote this year for every Dem you can!

Almost 9:00 AM on the east coast. What time are the indictments going to be announced?

Nothing on Morning Joe

I am told we can go back to using local ISPs

If there is a local ISP that does not try to control internet access wouldn't it work if we all stopped using Comcast etc. we could have a voice in the net neutrality issue?

If that is true, when Xfinity offers me some Internet package I will tell to fuck off!

Would Jones have won if his opponet was

decent upstanding individual?

My guess is that the areas where Moore did worse than Trump and worse than he did in the past was because of write in votes or people who stayed home.

I don't see this election as a turning point.
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