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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,809

Journal Archives

CONGRATULATIONS! Your ballot has been counted!

What a great feeling! Dropped it in the ballot drop box Wednesday morning. And it's traceable.

WA voting is so easy! Wish all states did the same.

Go Joe and Kamala!

I joined in spring 2017 - there was a poster

Named Chevy.

Anybody seen or heard from Chevy?
Haven't (myself) since maybe late that year....

I ended our relationship 4mo ago. He died Wednesday Oct 14

Jim. My best friend for more than two years, my lover, my heart.

He was a tRumper. I forgive that.

He was 49 1-2 years old.
I am gutted!!! I turned 50 on Friday and it was the worst birthday of my life!

Thanks for reading. Just need a hug.

Neil Finn (Crowded House) A kiwi who knows something


Does anyone know an artifact buyer?

I have a decent size arrowhead collection with some very fine specimens. I found every one via surface hunting and can identify where found. Most found over 20 years ago.

I am selling most of my few possessions. My artifact collection has been in a box for 3 years so it is not something I am able to enjoy or use ...so it's gonna be sold. 😏😐

I am in Seattle but internet and phones make stuff much easier. Also, will be traveling to Midwest soon so could possibly meet in western half of country...

I'm motivated but not stupid or desperate.

Really??? Airplane Aid?

I don't know about ya'll ... but aid for airlines has me spittin fireballs!

I know it's a giant industry but this pandemic is an industry changer!

Meanwhile, working poor like myself can't meet bills and the stimulus negotiations have been taken off the table?

Tens of millions of us work and are paying taxes STILL!

I can't make rent even though I work my ass off each week! Can't get a second job because so many applicants for available work I am trying to get to supplement.

I am seriously considering selling every possession (and I have already downsized to next to nothing) and saying FUCK IT ALL!

The shitshow lasting four years and turning into a super shitshow hurricane now has me at my whits end !

Bob. Dylan.



Take a break! This is SPECIAL!

Prince covers Radiohead's Creep. 👀


Karma. Chameleon! Hahahahaha!


Celebrating! And this is the first karma song that came to my mind!

Sorry. Not sorry!


This is the Sea by The Waterboys

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