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Member since: Mon May 22, 2017, 11:35 PM
Number of posts: 212

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Is This Real or a SNL Fake Commercial?

God, I hope this is satirical…

Trump's Pardon-Proof Vulnerabilities

I am not sure how Donald Trump expected to stay out of jail after inviting so much scrutiny to his life of fraud. The good news is that there is a growing list of potential pardon-proof charges against him.

* New York State Department of Taxation and Finance going after misdeeds outlined by the NYT

* State of New Jersey regarding Fred Trump bailout of the Taj Mahal

* New York Attorney General pursuing lawsuit against the Trump Foundation

* Stormy Daniels’ civil lawsuits

Did I forget anything?

I have nothing against Civil War monuments

As long as they are of General William Tecumseh Sherman!

Is Counterprotesting Effective? Maybe not

I think the best way to deal with these hate groups is to ignore them. This might not be a popular statement, but they are desperate for attention so why give it to them?

The hate groups that marched on Charlottesville are clearly on the losing end of a decades-long battle. They seem like a bunch of disaffected, paranoid losers. Their chants were stupid, “You will not replace us”. Nobody is out to replace you, dumbass. I almost feel sorry for them, as most probably need professional help. Like the quote from that 1985 Loretta Swit movie, “these are guys who reached out for the American dream and came up with a beer in one hand and their dick in the other”.

I am so disappointed at how the MSM has given the hate groups 24/7 coverage. In hindsight, think about what would have happened if the hate groups marched and no one came to see them. It would have been the non-event that it should be. Did counterprotesting help fuel this?

Whenever I see Melania Trump I think of Zoolander

She always seems to be a bit overdressed leaning towards the ridiculous. Does anyone else see this?


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