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Member since: Fri Jun 30, 2017, 04:41 PM
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This isn't rocket science.

The documents Trump took---AND HID IN A SAFE AT HIS PRIVATE RESDIENCE---had value to him, which he wanted no one else to have.

They either:

1. Incriminate him with some detail he needed to retain in hard copy form for whatever reason

2. Incriminate others and could be used as blackmail

3. Held value to trade for currency

If they didn't possess any value, he would toss them. I don't buy for a minute he wanted anything for sentimental or historical purposes. We know his mafia ethos.

So Trump's freak-out on Jan. 6...

Perhaps he had something all planned out with someone, and never in a million years thought he couldn't carry it out. Until he couldn't. Then rage monster showed up because all his pretty plans were going down the toilet and he knew that was his last shot at staying in office.

Argument with relative about Kamala Harris

Son-in-law...who purposely mispronounces her first name.

Him: "She's the most ineffective Vice President ever!"

Me: "How?" "Why?"

Him: "She's supposed to be the border czar and is never at the border. She's never visible."

I tried to pull up facts to refute this.

Me: "So, what's the reason for the current focus on the VP to be the savior of all things? Was this applied to any other former VP? Name me three things Pence solved in his tenure."

Him: "At least he went to the border of North Korea."

Me: "And how did that turn out?"

More back and forth.

Me: "Do you think she is subject to a double standard because she is the first womam VP and VP of color?"

Him: "How DARE you call me sexist and racist!"

Eye roll.

Wait for it...

So, with some waking up to Republican gaslighting on Putin/Russia and posing questions to them about their past statements and behavior, how long before the retort and brush off begins:

"People are dying in Ukarine. Now's not the time for political cheap shots. We must stand togther as Americans for freedom around the world" (or some variation of that).

Total weasels.

Is it just me or does CPAC seem to happen every two weeks?

Being dramatic of course, but jeez f*ck. Sooooooo tired of hearing about this Nazi fest. It feels like one year-long event where Repubs try to out-do one another with crazy and outlandish statements to capture headlines.

Covering the "why" inflation is happening.

I was watching the NBC Nightly News last night, and the lead story was about inflation (Is it just me or do they do a segement EVERY night about inflation?). Not ONCE did they explain WHY inflation is happening other than to give a platform to Mitch McConnell to ream the Deomcrats. I'm sure some of this is related to supply chain issues or its somwhat complicated to cover in a two-minute package. Same thing on my local news last night which was even WORSE! Just "inflation" is up with graphics with double digit increases.

Sign seen on restaurant door: "Sorry, we're out of dressing. Its because people don't want to work."

Small local restaraunt chain here. They're known for a particular type of dressing on their sandwiches. Paper signs taped to front door said they were out it and the reason why was because people don't want to work where they put the dressing in individual packets. The sign later goes on to ask customers not to take their frustration out on employees.

I don't know about you, but I read that as a RW talking point that some Americans are lazy and collecting unemployment and still riding the COVID-assistance gravy train. How else would you interpret that??

A-holes. How about your vendor paying a living wage?

P.S. I DO love their sandwiches with the dressing. DAMN IT.

So, the Dow crossed 36,000 today...

Can't wait to watch all the cable business shows give heaping praise to Biden.

Or for Orange Face to say the President made it all happen.

Does Biden need to step in on Texas to help with disaster relief?

Or is that the last thing anyone wants him doing?

As an outsider, it just looks like all systems are failing and its just a shoulder shrug by Republiacan leadership in the state.

So where is the Dem sweet spot for Senate trial?

All I hear is that itís a forgone conclusion that Trump wonít be convicted by the Senate. For the sake of this discussion, letís assume that outcome.

So, do the desired goals become:

1. Presenting ironclad evidence that binds Trump to 1/6 and cements public opinion that he instigated the insurrection and siege.

2. Prevents Trump from holding office again.

How efficiently and effectively can this be done from a timing standpoint? Whatís that sweet spot where impact is made without going too long that Americans tune out? Or is length of time irrelevant and itís all content and House managers ability to sell?

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