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Member since: Sat Aug 19, 2017, 04:03 AM
Number of posts: 2,187

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Ivanka, put on something tight & low-cut

And then go talk to your father about not ripping children from their parents ! He'll listen to you (while also subtly ogling you). C'mon ! Hurry! Help humanity, you feckless twit!

The psychological damage being done to these kids

The innocent children torn from their parents sets them up for terrible repercussions. 1) Numerous studies have shown that a great emotional trauma in childhood can lead to major diseases later in life, and 2) The development of psychopathy is usually due to poor parental bonding in the first 3 years of life.

We are ALL going to be paying the price for this horror in the coming years. And history is going to judge us harshly. How different are we from people who lived near concentration camps and didn't do anything?! Now we have camps with concentration. Full of kids being damaged to the core of their beings.

To quote Spanky: "Somebody DO Something !!" (I'm looking at you, Repugnicans)

How much do the kiddie prisons cost?

Somebody needs to figure out how much all the extra ICE personnel, the man hours,the tent cities (prisons), and the extra burden on the courts is costing the US. It just has to be costing in the millions. Racism costs money, lots of it. This exercise of hate, I can guarantee,is costing even more than the price tag. It's disgusting.

Wanna work at the WH? Job Fair upcoming !

If you feel like ruining your life and reputation forever,the WH is looking not-necessarily-for-good-people, but most definitely people. Just know that as soon as you get hired (just say something nice about Spanky and you're in), you will have to hire a lawyer your first day. Also expect a call from Bobby Three Sticks for a statement at some point. What fun ! I don't know how well paid WH staffers are, so hope you have a nice savings fund to pay for that lawyer ! Best of luck to all applicants.

Is it just me or does Drumpf always .......

Look like he's seated on a toilet when he's in a chair? That's how it appears to me. Guess it goes with his verbal diarrhea

If you look up, WAY WAY up.....

that is rock bottom. I feel like I'm sinking and having to claw my way back to solid ground. And it's a constant struggle. Geesch, my arms are tired. Wouldn't it be nice to go a whole day, 24 hours, without seeing a news chiron or a cell vibration, that doesn't scare the hell out.of ya?! I don't even remember what that was like

So 2 proven liars had a meeting ....

Amd with only 2 interpreters as witnesses, (both of whose families have likely had their lives threatened if anything leaks), the end result is we will likely never know the truth. Both men (to use the term loosely) are insane, as well as prolific liars, so their version of events will change frequently. Oooooh, this is so frustrating. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

Was this another leak by Dummy Dumbass?!

Remember when Dumbass tweeted that "his button is bigger" than Kim Jong Un's and "it actually works"? I was wondering at the wording at the time, but then had the thought that this may have been a classified leak! WHY else would that wording be in the tweet?! I also think it's because he would be privy to any news of an epic fail during NK's many nuclear tests, and in the puffery of his tweets,he leaked.it. I hope the IC looks into this.
Posted by donkeypoofed | Fri Jun 8, 2018, 10:16 AM (0 replies)

More Jobs Open than People who can fill them?

Wow. That sounds awesome, BUT since not many immigrants are allowed in anymore, along with the fact that the birthrate is down , the U.S. labour market will not be able to sustain itself. What's gonna happen then?
Posted by donkeypoofed | Wed Jun 6, 2018, 07:13 AM (3 replies)

China, if you're listening ..

I sure hope you've been recording all those 33,000 cell phone calls Drumpf has been making and will release them. Please ? Hahaha
Posted by donkeypoofed | Fri Jun 1, 2018, 03:48 PM (2 replies)
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