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Polybius's Journal
Polybius's Journal
December 29, 2020

Trump, Michelle Obama top Gallup's 2020 most admired lists

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump and former first lady Michelle Obama are the most admired man and woman of 2020, according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday.

It's the first time Trump has topped the list alone, ending a 12-year run by his predecessor, Barack Obama, with whom he tied for most admired in 2019. For Michelle Obama, it's her third straight year as the most admired woman in America.

For Trump, the title reflects in part his enduring popularity among Republicans, even after a tumultuous year in which he was impeached, widely criticized for his administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and racial tensions, and lost reelection. Gallup noted that few Republicans named anyone else besides the President -- who holds a 39% overall approval rating -- while Democrats split their votes.

Barack Obama came in second among men at 15%. President-elect Joe Biden came in third with 6% of and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, came in fourth with 3%. Pope Francis, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Bill Gates were also among the most admired men on the list.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/29/politics/donald-trump-michelle-obama-most-admired-2020-trnd/index.html

December 28, 2020

Are there any exceptions for getting a tenant thrown out in NYC?

Some backstory. It's a three bedroom apartment, and my friend had been living there for several years. The rent was always split three ways, and my friend has had pretty good roommates, who have come and gone. The roommates have never known each other. The landlord for whatever reason, rents to roommates, rather than a family who knows each other.

So one of my friend's roommates is a meth addict. He kept saying crazy stuff to my friend, such as "I can see through your walls, I'm part of MKULTRA." He hasn't paid rent since the first month he moved in (August), and the cops were routinely there. My friend insisted he was getting secondhand high somehow, and just moved in with his father. His other roommate (a good guy) moved out right before him, with the same fears as my friend. The meth addict continues to live there, now with the entire three bedroom house to himself.

The landlord will not be able to replace my friend or the other roommate who moved out, since there is an active addict in the next room (who's gonna want to move in like that?). So now the landlord is out all of the rent. My friend continued to pay his part of the rent, as did the other good roommate who moved out, despite being very uncomfortable, worrying about the addict stealing his stuff and meth smoke going into their rooms. A crack pipe was also found in the living room once, left broken on the floor.

So is there anything the landlord can do? He begged my friend not to move out, but he didn't want to stay there any longer, fearing his life.

December 28, 2020

For those of us unemployed, when will we see the $300/wk unemployment & the $600 (or $2,000) check?

Will the enhanced unemployment at least be retroactive to the day the bill was signed? When will it kick in? How about the relief direct deposite? Sorry for all of the annoying questions, I'm just flat broke and this will help me somewhat.

December 27, 2020

Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro, famous for signature knuckleball, dies at 81

Source: ESPN

Phil Niekro, a pitcher who used his signature knuckleball to fool generations of hitters as well as craft a Hall of Fame career, died Saturday night in his sleep after a long battle with cancer, the Atlanta Braves announced Sunday. He was 81.

Niekro, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997, was one of baseball's most prolific and durable pitchers, using his "butterfly" pitch to win 318 games in a career that spanned 24 seasons, 20 of those years with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves.

"We are heartbroken on the passing of our treasured friend, Phil Niekro," said the Braves in a prepared statement. "Knucksie was woven into the Braves fabric, first in Milwaukee and then in Atlanta. Phil baffled batters on the field and later was always the first to join in our community activities. It was during those community and fan activities where he would communicate with fans as if they were long lost friends.

"He was a constant presence over the years, in our clubhouse, our alumni activities and throughout Braves Country and we will forever be grateful for having him be such an important part of our organization.

Read more: https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/30605849/hall-fame-pitcher-phil-niekro-famous-signature-knuckleball-dies-81


December 22, 2020

Did Trump sign the Covid bill yet?

If not, what’s taking so long?

December 22, 2020

Senate Passes Virus Relief; Sends Bill to Trump: Congress Update

Source: Yahoo! Finance

(Bloomberg) -- The Senate passed the massive year-end legislation combining $900 billion in pandemic relief with $1.4 trillion to fund federal agencies through fiscal 2021.

The Senate’s 91-7 vote sends the bill to President Donald Trump to sign into law. The House passed the legislation earlier Monday night.

The total bill is worth more than $2.3 trillion, including support for small businesses impacted by the pandemic, $600 payments for most individuals, supplemental unemployment insurance, regular funding for federal agencies and a bevy of tax breaks for companies.

Other Developments:

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mnuchin-says-stimulus-checks-coming-161024184.html

December 22, 2020

Who are the 53 who voted against the House bill?

The House passed the measure, 359-53. Is there a vote breakdown yet?

December 21, 2020

So what's the vote gonna be on the Covid Relief bill?

I know it’ll easily pass, but who’s gonna vote against it? Some hard-right Republicans have said they would. Have any Democrats said they would since the agreement was reached?

December 20, 2020

Questions about the new Covid Relief deal just announced...

I have a few questions. I know the details haven't been announced, but you guys know a lot more than me. Some questions:

1) If the bill is signed into law today as expected, when does the enhanced $300 per week unemployment insurance kick in? Will it take as much time as last time (like a month)?

2) I know they said it won't be retroactive, but at the very least will it be retroactive to today (the day of the bill's signing)?

3) How long is extended unemployment going to be until? Mine was to run out right after Christmas.

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