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MaryMagdaline's Journal
MaryMagdaline's Journal
December 10, 2018

Does attempted bribery of a Russian official, i.e., offering penthouse in Trump Tower to Putin

violate New York or other U.S. laws (or just Russian laws)?

Why did SDNY only focus on the settlements with Stormy Daniels and McDougal and not (1) bribery to Putin; and (2) doing business with convicted felon (Slater)?

Did not take time to research. Would like input from DU lawyers or corporate business people.

November 7, 2018

It's pretty clear we need to spend billions on state constitutional amendments

Very progressive agenda have won in very red states, expansion of Medicaid, restoration of rights for former felons, etc.

If we can’t get senators out of those red states, we need to put the issues on the ballots. (Why do all these conservative voters love our issues and hate our reps?)

November 6, 2018

Echo Chamber

If we win Congress by one single seat, we need to celebrate this like it’s the Lions winning the Super Bowl. Against all odds. Changing the tide. Defeat of the Tea Party. Defeat of Trumpism. Past his prime. Getting old on the concert circuit. Wearing out his welcome. Defeat of racism. Championing of American idealism. Lady Liberty wins. Parkland kids triumph. Love trumps hate. Hope over despair.

If any single one of you whines in disappointment, I’m divorcing the lot of you.

Love y’all.

November 3, 2018

My sister called me in tears from Vero Beach

First words: “Gillum May win!”

She came from the library where there was early voting going on. (She already voted/was returning a book). Said lots of posters and excitement for Gillum. Said in 2016 it was ugly. All Trump, all Republican, nasty and hostile. She said the Republican and Democratic volunteers were getting along today, very good vibe, lots of dem excitement.

She was in tears because she thinks we have a chance. Me?? I am the most pessimistic person in the world and I actually think we are going to win in Florida.

Indian River County May overperform for Dems this year.

Friend posted on FB that CLay County has big Democratic surge and Repugs only voting 32%. CLay will overperform for us!

Broward County .... get off your couches... we can end this thing this weekend!!!

October 29, 2018

Good news regarding younger voters

For what it's worth:


A Harvard poll suggests that midterm turnout among Millennial and Generation Z voters could be historically high. Its findings, released Monday morning, may signal that the spike in Millennial political involvement that began after the 2016 election of Donald Trump hasn’t lost steam in the past two years. Other recent data indicate that this engagement transcends typical political activity. “We’re starting to notice that the personal is political,” said Mari Jones, a Harvard student who helped run the poll. “Big events in American politics cause young people to think about politics differently.”

The survey, from the university’s Institute of Politics (IOP), found that 40 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 said they would “definitely vote” in the upcoming midterm elections. Historically, the biannual poll is off by high single digits from actual youth turnout. But if just 22 percent of this group votes, it would be the highest midterm turnout for young voters in at least 32 years. According to IOP’s director of polling, John Della Volpe, in the past three decades youth-voter turnout has only hit 21 percent twice—in 1986 and 1994. To Della Volpe, the potential turnout is starting to look more like it did in the 2016 presidential election than it did during the last midterms, in 2014.

October 27, 2018

Donated to HIAS

fuck MAGAshooter

October 26, 2018

Domestic violence domestic terrorist

Domestic violence against his grandmother in 1994. Jesus.

October 25, 2018

Watching Rachel - I never knew Joyce Vance was

Judge Vance’s daughter-in-law. She prosecuted Eric Rudolph and her own FIL was killed by a mail bomber.

October 22, 2018

Voted Gillum and Nelson!!

Smooth operation at African American Library on Sistrunk.

Made a mistake on my vote by mail ballot (turning 60 next year/I can no longer mock the seniors in palm beach county in 2000).

Everyone at voting place knew procedures inside and out. Got
New ballot/ got to use old one as work sheet/ had to turn in old ballot after casting new ballot.

Election person showed me that my ballot was counted after it was scanned.

Low turnout here which disappointed me one day after Gollum’s awesome debate showing but then again I came here a little after 10:00 after a court hearing so it is off hours. Little bit of a line when I left.

Many, many booths inside. Very smooth. It’s a very long ballot and took me 1 hour to research and fill out before getting here. Then another 7 to 8 minutes to do a new one.

Broward Dems handing out Blue Card at the entrance to parking lot with recommendations on all votes, including constitutional and local charter issues. This was helpful. Compared my choices to theirs and pretty much 100%.

Love my county ... 70% Democratic.

Let’s Bring it Home!!

October 5, 2018

Timely movie treat *The Gift* Jason Bateman

B movie with good performance by Jason Bateman as Kavanaugh-type character

Watch on Netflix for brief diversion

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