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Member since: Thu Nov 9, 2017, 12:30 PM
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Once this is all done....I'd pay to go see this movie

I just wonder who the Director would be to do this movie some justice?

Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma and Ron Howard come to mind for this genre of crime, suspense and drama

Dems do not have to promote the mantra "One Term President"

I wonder why the Repukes felt it necessary to chant it during Obama's first term?

Do not count on young disaffected Republicans to vote for Dems in droves

Maybe a few here or there may cross over, but not in droves. There has been way too much brainwashing that it's either Republicans or nothing. Democratic Party voting does not play into any disaffected voting strategy. They are more likely not to vote at all.

So....disaffected young voters can still make a difference. It's been a proven fact that a lone isolated disaffected person is less likely to speak up and less likely to ultimately stray from the herd. However, the more often that these young disaffected Republican voters hear from other young disaffected Republicans that are willing to publicly admit their dismay and disappointments and lack of support for the orange anus, the more likely they are to look for a way to disassociate themselves from the corrupt Trump regime. Nothing works as well as peers for the younger crowd. It's important the media highlights and displays RWers that are mad and angry at Trump.

It makes sense that MSNBC has angry RWers on their shows, but I'm not sure these MSNBC shows are a magnet for RWers. There needs to be concerted effort to sow discord directly to the RWers using their own disaffected voters. Not in an effort to gain votes, but simply for the purpose of having them walk away from the GOP.

What difference does it really make if donald's dr. lied or not?

I mean beyond the obvious treating the public like they are all pretty damn stupid...which they will continue to do anyway.

If donald is in poor health, does is make it more or less likely that his supporters will withdraw their support? If he is in poor health, do those people who value true Democratic policies get to kick him out of office? Well of course not, it changes little.

OTOH, donald may actually believe his own falsehoods and fail to make any necessary life changes. I see that as a win. Keep those KFCs, burgers and diet cokes coming.
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