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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Its time all high ranking generals need to turn over everything from Jan to the DOJ,

ASAP. Anyone refusing or has missing texts, documents, or information, and all their phones, should be relieved from their position until completely investigated and cleared. This needs to happen now for national security reasons. Also Jan 6 committee needs to issue them all subpoena's to testify under oath.

Why are so many senior citizens ignoring what Republicans will do to Social Security and Medicare,

Like many women ignored what they threatened to do to abortion rights, and only now are rising up a against the GOP. Where is the outrage from seniors for suggesting this? Where is the more aggressive messaging from Democrats on this issue? Or again is it going to be another after its done before it gets attention?

His patterns don't change, and what we'll see very soon from TFG,

He'll put out a snarky response falsely claiming AG Garland is going after him for revenge because he didn't get a Supreme Court position, and its politically motivated from the AG and Biden. He'll accuse Biden and Garland of everything he had Barr do for him. He'll claim both AG garland and Biden are corrupt making up something, all done to redirect attention to him, and away from the bad news he got yesterday. Media should make fun of him , and expose his doing this over and over again. Its his pattern.

TFG is a fascist, just look at his claims, and what he stands for,

He stands for hate, fear, and is against a Democracy, and for violence, and being the victim. He also stands against the rule of law, the truth, and has to promote propaganda to use to con people into believing his lies. He promotes extreme domestic terrorism, and is dangerously corrupt, and a national security threat , and will do anything for absolute power. That's what fascist do .

If people in the SS were this easily corrupted to take part in an attempted coup and coverup,,

What else could these people be capable of doing, and is Putin behind this? What's next found out after the fact? How could this have happened without any other agency not knowing?

When is enough , enough?

We have a former President actively involved in a continuous crime spree. Asking others to commit election crimes , legislate laws undermining election results with baseless claims, witness tampering, theft of classified documents, obstruction of justice. When is it going to be stopped?

If its exposed additional steps to erase texts are discovered,

It could show criminal intent, and more then one person involved show people conspired to make it happen. SS people involved should be very, very scared now.

TFG has to continue saying the election was stolen,

To make his followers victims too, and to continue the grift from them giving him their money. Its all about his conning others without any proof any of his claims, which aren't true, for power to incite them against the truth, and for the money. He wants power to use to weaponize them for his dirty work, but he wants their money.

Any SS agent that deleted texts without a copy for a backup,

Is subject to criminal charges, and should be put on leave as soon as they are exposed. They broke federal law no matter if they received orders to save info, or not, and they all are very aware of the law . Those involved should not be allowed to retire to get their pension, or benefit in any way from their criminal actions. There has to be substantial consequences for people in this and, other DOJ agencies to clean it up, and to prevent others to take this approach knowing they'll escape any real consequences. Government corruption has to be exposed and stopped now, for all involved, or this government we have will never work.

Senator Grassley now needs to be forced by the Jan 6th committee under oath to answer questions,

Why he said he would in the absence of Pence take his place in the process. Who told him Pence wouldn't be there to do his duty?
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