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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Where's the story about Navarro and 100 GOP members of Congress,

Involved in the insurrection? Media isn't saying nothing. You'd think planning to illegally overturn an election would be the biggest story, especially the 100 members involved.

Is there judges, and justices corrupted by TFG?

Tipping him off what the DOJ and others are doing? TFG often obstructs investigations right before it gets to him. Could AG Garland be slowed down from his looking into spies within the DOJ?

He shows intent when he projects the opposite of the truth,

As he hears he could be in trouble for causing 100's of thousands that died from his failed covid response, he now is projecting HE saved millions of lives. Lets understand drug companies were way ahead of him knowing they wanted the financial windfalls from getting the first vaccine, or early one approved, plus technology helped it be accomplished much quicker, and he promoted warp speed for his claims he got it made faster. All while he claimed it was a hoax, interfered with PPE's getting distributed , and other things which caused it to become much worse, and more people died from it.

Now he realizes he has possible legal liability from it, so once again he uses his tried and true tactic projecting the opposite. He also showed he knew what he was doing from admitting he knew it was deadly and downplayed it causing many to die , and he knew that would happen. So now he's back to projecting his lies, which he does to con people into believing the opposite of the truth, again. His saying he got his booster was planned so he could project his lies, and the media is failing by showing him do that without showing his lying, and by not showing what he really said and did. Soon he'll claim Biden killed millions from his covid response, then do it again, claiming his handling of the response to the Jan 6th insurrection was the greatest , while he knows he caused it, and people died, then accuse others for his inactions. His pattern never really changes. Spew out propaganda, accuse opposition, and others, and is a tactic he uses often. Media needs to do a better job when he does this, and start exposing him more for it.

To all DU'ers out there,

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!

TFG's constant attacks against Antifa (anti fascism) is telling what TFG really is,

He claims they were the ones behind the Jan 6 attack of our Capital to interfere with government proceedings, yet he wants people to ignore people went to riot brought lumber with them , and built a gallows for Pence, showing planning and intent. He doesn't explain , and or admit he's not a republican, he's a fascist.

TFG asking the SCOTUS to prevent evidence being given to the Jan 6 Committee is like...

A bank robber asking the court to prevent the bank video of him in the process of him robbing them being used in court.

Should all members of Congress who refuse to appear before the Jan. 6th committee,

Be forced to lose their positions on Congressional committees? I think that should be considered. Would evidence of obstruction of their investigation , and evidence they conspired to overthrow our Democracy be grounds for removal from Congress? If there aren't serious consequences for members of Congress for crimes against our government, this will continue , and get a lot worse.

Fascist Rumpledthinskin having a Jan 6th rally to suggest violence ,

Is for attention, and to incite his fascist cult members more with lies is because he knows he's in deep, deep trouble, and this will backfire on him badly. Media should not give him any coverage, period. Its all about spreading propaganda, and suggesting the use of violence. When the media shows anything he does they're getting played , and helping him, and its un-American. The media instead should show he's a fascist, and show how fascism works, and educate the people. Watch on YOU TUBE "How Fascism Works" 10 tactics used for fascism, and describes what he's really up to.

Do any of DJT's followers realize they're fascist,

Backing a fascist wantabe dictator DJT? I don't think they have a clue. They get fed so much propaganda , and told they are Patriots, which isn't the truth at all, they're traitors. The truth is DJT's biggest enemy, and it undermines his propaganda. That's why he hates the media so much, except the ones that repeats his propaganda.

We are seeing "How Fascism Works",

Watched on You Tube "How Fascism Works" Big Think, "The 10 tactics of fascism" Jason Stanley talking about how they take over and get power, and it was exactly like what's happening in this country right now. Sorry don't know how to link it here, but very interesting , and alarming.
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