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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
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If TFG had proof the election was really stolen, he'd already would've taken it to court,

But he can't take it to court, or testify under oath about it knowing he'd have to either lie and commit perjury, or admit he knows its a big lie. Until he's forced under oath to testify, he'll keep repeating his lies about it,, especially to take advantage of, and grift from his followers. Media should be calling him out daily for his proof.

TFG is publicly now admitting he had government documents, being protected by the Secret Service

Is he saying this to set up, and then blame the SS when its exposed some of these documents found their way to our enemies? Did he do this knowing it will be exposed other countries getting these secrets will be exposed, so now he's projecting they are responsible, not him? He does have a pattern of doing this.

Make no mistake if TFG can take property of the government legally,

He'll then claim he can take other things belonging to the government, and the rule of law will never apply to him. That's also more reasons for a sitting President to be held accountable for criminal acts while in office, and charged. A President, or former President should be held to a higher level of justice for crimes convicted of, not a lower bar , and lessor consequences , or we're asking for more troubles, and more corruption.

By TFG taking anything hiding his involvement in crimes, he's obstructing justice, plus each document taken is an indictable criminal offense.
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