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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,851

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Why Elon Musk has claimed Democrats have become radicalized, I think,

He knows the GOP and TFG are for billionaires paying zero in taxes, where Democrats are for raising their tax rates.
The GOP and TFG are against unions, where Democrats are pro union.
The GOP and TFG are propagandist allowing them to psychologically con people into believing their lies , where the Democrats are for the truth.
The GOP and TFG are easier to corrupt for profits, and the Democrats would be harder to do.
The GOP and TFG are for a fascist regime where the most corrupt and wealthy prosper, where the Democrats are for a Democracy and the rule of law.

I think he bought twitter to promote himself and his products, and to control the narrative to benefit whatever he wants, not what's best for everyone. I think he's just another fraud that'll expose himself as the one who's the radical. I will not be on twitter , or buy his products . I won't help this billionaire profit when he pays zero in taxes while he bashes the only remaining party that's for a Democracy, and the rule of law.

Is TFG claiming he approved his lawyer and aide could talk to the Jan 6 committee more lies?

After he learned they would without his approval? That way it makes it not look so bad for him they ignored him. I don't believe he wanted them talking at all, and he's lying . That's more his pattern, and he knows he's losing power and control as more go , and talk about what happened.

DJT , PUTIN, and the GOP are using the same propaganda and pyschological tactics,

Deny, deny, deny, lie, accuse others of your crimes , and we see it now with Putin claiming others are nazi's , Ukraines bombing itself. DJT recently did a interview to claim the election was stolen and how corrupt Bidens son and he is knowing stuff was coming out against his election false claims and his son's election crimes. The GOP used Biden's justice pick claiming she protects child sex offenders while they refuse to go after GOP child sex predators . This isn't a fluke, it's a tried a true tactic that's worked. Very well.

Will we see soon anti war and anti Putin Russians,

Start bombing and creating chaos in Russia to make Putin look bad, and to call for his removal? Will Ukraine start using some of these Russians who oppose Putin too?

Ukraine needs to sent some elite solders inside Russia

To go after all oil refinery's , oil supply and production lines, and create chaos for what Russia is doing to them.
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