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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:32 AM
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My two dumbass cousins.......

One has solved the Covid problem with Ivamectin.

Then yesterday, I'm on the phone with another one...

"I got two shots of Moderna but I'm not getting another one. I'm not letting the gub'mint tell me what to put in my body."

Me: "Then who will you let tell you what to put in your body?"

Her: " >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> crickets

Fraud, need advice.

Cousin re-applied for food (formerly stamps) card. She was told that she earned $12k at a business that is about an hour's drive from her apartment. She never worked there. The "business" Trinidad, L.L.P. is in an address at a residential house.

She was approved for the benefits but what should she do to protect her assets/credit and such?

She locked her credit report. Should she close her bank account and open a new one? File a police report?

Then the question, what benefit would someone get from using her data? I-9 immigration/Homeland Security form should have been filled out by this employer. She has an unusual name and surname. Unlikely there are two people with that same name.

My cousin, Jim died yesterday. I posted stories about him on D.U. Age 73.

The way he lived his life was the closest to Hunter S. Thompson than anyone I know. Drugs, not much into alcohol... and the wild craziness and love of life.

Whether it was camping in forests, road trips and so forth, he was there.

Who else do you know that during a road trip to Maine, on the 4th. of July, would take you on a detour to Marblehead to see the painting, "The Spirit of '76" as it is hanging on the wall in the Marblehead town hall?

And beautiful women were attracted to him. Damn, I was jealous. But he and his wife stayed together for 48 years. She was at his bedside when he passed.

He died of lung disease.... caused by 60 years of daily smoking of marijuana.

But the thing of it is, last week, he said he knew he was dying and his lifestyle was the cause of it. But he said he wouldn't change a bit of it.

Rock on, Jim. And I hope there's a couple of good buds waiting for you.

iPhone 11 ...... Kid set up an alarm that turns off incoming texts and phone calls. Then starts a

musical alarm at 8 a.m. every fuckin' morning.

Now she doesn't remember how she set it up to turn it off.

Step-daughter is a pediatric nurse practitioner, practicing in a red county.

August, mom came in with two elementary school tykes. She asks for mask medical exemptions -- one kid gets headaches from masking and the other has difficulty breathing.

"Well, if 'Suzie' has headaches, we better have a referral to a neurologist to find the cause of the headaches. If J'ohnny' is having difficulty breathing, I am writing a referral to a pulmonologist to make sure there are no serious problems. If the specialists indicate exemptions are warranted, I will write them."

So far, the specialists have not reported back to the pediatric office.

Wha'd'a make of all that?

How do I "do" a date? Years ago, when I was a 'ute, "Wanna go to a movie? club? Whatever?"

I'm goddam 79 years old. I like her and I have the feeling she likes me. I don't drink much. Supper, and then what? Its getting darker earlier so a walk in the park ain't gonna work.

What are some choices for asking her out for a date?

I've got my head tied up in a knot about the stuff I have been puzzling about over the past couple of weeks. Maybe better to just let the whole thing go -- forget about it.
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