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Traildogbob's Journal
Traildogbob's Journal
January 14, 2021

2021 line up

Dancing with the stars:
Trump and Judge Gin Shapiro
Jarod and Lier Ingaham
Invanka and Shaun Vanity
Jr and Sarah Palin
Melanoma and Cucker Tarlson
And Eric with Paula White
Music by Village People and Kid Rock
Special solo dancing by Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, dancing to Christian Rock.

January 14, 2021

Forgive my rage

My daughter, age 31 and all I have, we lost her mom to cancer when she was 10, is now extremely sick from Covid. She is an ICU nurse, and was attacked by a male rabid denier on in her unit while trying to help him. She was in full PPE and still got the virus from him. He forcefully punched her in the breast. And spewed while shouting.
7 days in and got positive test Tuesday.
I have no patience left. I served this country for 8 years and now the enemy is right here, egged on by Trump and Fox News. Attacking my country, and now attacking my daughter just trying to give medical help.
I am fighting like hell to not take my skills, a special set of skills, gubment paid for skills to go honor my oath.
I hate to see the flag, I hate the chanting USA, I hate the GOP. Never will I salute, take my hat off, or honor that God damned song until justice and prison for all these treasonous asses are accomplished. Especially congress, Trump and his minions.
If I lose her, this soldier will go back to soldiering.
This snowflake is now boiling water and about to scald some brain dead Trump zombies.
And Comey thinks Biden should pardon Trump for unity😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬.
Benghazi, who ordered the stand done while watching the attack that killed for? Those attackers did not shit and smear it all the building. Our home grown white terrorists did just that in our capital. In GODS name, Pillow Guy! Fuck GOP. Fuck every damn one of them. Jail that 5 foot white Glock Qanon Princess that assisted the attack.
Ok, I am done for now. Thanks for allowing steam from this boiling pot to rise and cool.

January 14, 2021

Stop the Steal!

better count the silver

Sawyer Hackett
A beautiful sight: moving boxes arrive at the White House. (Via @erinscottphoto)

January 12, 2021

From a veteran

Of the Vietnam draft era. If any of you non veterans watched the opening of “Saving Private Ryan” as the soldiers, terrified with bullets buzzing overhead before the gates were lowered on the landing crafts, and then they charged those beaches while bodies were piling up from the slaughter. The sea was red, the sand was red and so many lost their life. Certainly they were afraid, and brave. But there was no choice, it was charge and fight. What was it they were so determined to fight for? Ending fascism and a sick criminal white supremacist, the ultimate one.
Now that enemy is proudly here attacking our capital and threatening murder of our leaders. Wearing signs and messaging of Nazis in praise,
So you GOP congress people that voted to over throw our election because you were scared of American Nazis. Fuck you. All you GOP too afraid to end our own Hitler because it will bring danger. Fuck you. Fuck you all in honor of this thousands that charged that beach, and every beach to protect democracy. You have no business being in our leadership roles. Being paid by us. Leave, you traitorous cowards. Especially Cruz, Hawley. And McCarthy. Especially you Lindsay, you sniveling bootlicking coward. Fuck... You especially.
It is time to charge that enemy right here and end America Nazi’s and dictator.
I am currently embarrassed, and sickened for the country I served.

January 12, 2021


Lindsay Graham flying with Trump to Texas, immediately after Trump says his speech was perfect and “Dems are inciting a dangerous outcome with impeachment”. An obvious dog whistle. And Graham demands Biden show “courage” and tell Nancy to back off. What a sick dick pimple Graham is.

January 11, 2021


There is about to be another major shortage of toilet paper. All those GOP warriors that thought they were just having a fun day protesting are finding out FBI, CIS, HLS, and ex wives have soooo many ways to ID them, for government take down and murder. Lots of pants shitting will be going on for months.

January 11, 2021

Walk or ride a horse

How cool would it be if Cruz, Hawley, Graham and the Colorado gun totin high school drop out, the one posting Pelosi’s where abouts and 1776 takeover, were pit on terrorist no fly list?
She could ride her 1776 horse to DC from Colorado, wearing her Glock and a three corner hat. A red MAGA one.

January 10, 2021

The good things

Woke up, turned on TV, it was already on NBC from last nights football game. And Mulvany is being, “Allowed“ to talk, praising all the great Donald did under his stint while allowing Trump to be himself, and not speaking up because Trump was great. Had to turn it before having a stroke. Anyone watch it all and see Thuck Chodd berate his bullshit??
Do I need a sarcasm dancer here?

January 9, 2021

God's will

Never forget Pillow Guy stood on the insurrection incitement stage screaming to the terrorist that God sent and intended Trump to serve 8 years. He also needs intended a young husband and father have his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher.
And every death and attempted murder on or before Inauguration Day is fully on the hands of Pence (another godly soul) and McConnell. The targets will all be in one place, why Trump will not be there
God be Blessin MurKKKa.
Anyone else see the Jesus flags and at least one terrorist was holding up and waving a Bible in the capital mosh pit?

January 8, 2021

Forget the 25th

Pence is already on a death wish list by Trump Dynasty of idiots. If he pushed 25th, he and his family would be target number 1. He is the same sniveling coward that dwelled up trumps ass for 4 years, glaring at him lovingly from behind at every presser. Ain’t gonna happen. He is now enemy of Trump state number one.

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