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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,809

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Is that a request From Kamala team to protect from White House Petri dish, or from Mother, to keep Mikey away from Kamala? She is not only brilliant, but a very attractive lady.

Wanna end the mask war?

SCIENTISTS tell us this virus attacks blood vessels, veins and capillaries leading to long term damage to especially lungs, organ with most vessels, the heart, kidneys and other organs. Name another Organ that is totally dependent on its function of blood vessels. The penis. So Bloomberg et al should start a media blitz of dead and dying penises of Covid victims. Even a pill can not pump blood into an organ with damaged, “Shriveled”, vessels. I have also seen reports of amputation of limbs from lack of blood flow from severe Covid damage. ALL men would begin wearing double N95 immediately, and the Kens will demand their Karen’s wear masks to protect their junk. Just saying!

Any thoughts?

If tRump et al can use the court post election to void the election and assjgn trump king, how far down ticket will all elections be voided? Does it mean McConnell, Graham, Collins and many others will keep their seats? May be why McConnell et all are hell bent on sitting a judge. They can keep President and senate after loosing. Please, tell me I am wrong. McConnell and Graham may see they can be fired so this is how they keep their jobs, I use that title very loosely.

Any thoughts?

I just heard a caller into the Thom Hartmann show tell Rep Mark Pocan that he has been notified, as a disabled veteran, he will now be charged a monthly premium for his veterans health care. This has to be a decision from trumps 2 nonvet Mar-A-Logo pals he assigned to run the VA. This needs sceamed loudly after his exposed displeasure of military ppl, as he is on the way to destroy SS and Medicare. A promise made that will be kept. Can we get veterans tee shirts with military branch served with the “Loser, Sucker” printed on them? Right winger trumpets, stick you phony ass “Thank you for your service bull shit up your ass! You are not welcome. We did not sacrifice for your current bull shit. Right now, I would step aside and allow you to be attacked, and cheer it on,

Prove me wrong

The GOP know their best chance to keep power is Trump supporters, and cheating. That are keeping the mini strokes secret so he will be able to stay on the ticket. After a stolen victory, he resigns for health issues, Pence Pardons the whole family, appoints Nikki Halley VP, and vroom her for 2024. They know Pence alone has no chance. Trump will be sent off as a hero with massive sympathy as the greatest President ever, pushed into health trauma by evil left wing haters. The trump family maintain ALL wealth stolen during DonCon crime spree. And American is great Again, with blacks in their place, not the suburbs.

The only difference

Between trump trucker thugs and ISIS. Trumpers drive American made trucks. Roam the cities with war toys, flying THEIR hate flag, willing to kill opposition, blindly follow a loud moth murderer that never gets near the danger, sends his cult out, barely speak English, hate Jews, and bow to a warped view of a hate filled God. I would not be surprised if trump and his cult expect 72 white teenage virgins in their paradise of white heaven.
How many brave Americans died and are dying to defeat that, protect us from it for Bush and Cheney? Sharia Law is here and being forced into our laws.

The event at the people's house

Out house, not the trump family castle.
All the “super spreaders“ lined up across the stage at the finale last night was a perfect exclamation point to the entire Covid Petri dish event, that I am certain will be billed to tax payers. And most of the billionaire class there, pay no taxes. Every female lined up on stage at that finale, have a knack for “spreading” to keep their economy strong. That whole line of lying thieves lined up in front of our house, that represents American democracy, like some Royal family of inherited wealth and privilege, should make every dead soldier rise from their graves and kick us in the face to wake the fuck up. (Obviously excluding confederate soldiers).

Is it just me

Or are there any others that look at these daily 200-300 point rises in Dow and know it is just Wall Street and billionaire manipulation to re elect Trump. 30 million unemployed, millions facing losing homes and the Dow soaring to keep trump for more tax breaks, pollution, and thievery. How many of you are wallowing in cash with portfolios as thick as the Binders full of women Romney has on his desk?

Great seeing the outrage

Here about the USPS. Listening to DeJoy lie like a Trump Friday was damn infuriating, but worse was hearing Ron’s Johnson closing, apologizing and butt licking him about how the Dem conspiracy and coordinated fake Dem call ins to hurt his reputation. AND, fucking Rand Paul asking DeJoy how can the senate help him to privatize the USPS. Has ANY state done more to fuck the whole nation than Kentucky by keeping Paul and McTurtle in power.
Just fuck you Kentucky GOP brainless zombies. With a rusty bent crow bar.

South Dakota biker

Anyone see the video of the Sturgess biker woman walk up to a baby Bison and get attacked. Wanna bet she was an anti Masker trump supporter? Should there not be an IQ test to ride a bike? Trumps bikers, thousand of the with trump banners!!!😆 is in taking out Trump votes one at a time. They have had enough of GOP habitat destruction and Trumps cabinet. Sorry, no sympathy for stupid. They risk your life with Covid, and may kill you in a car/bike crash.
Call me what you will, The video made me laugh. Trump hell says it is ok to laugh at tragedy.
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