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Evolve Dammit

Evolve Dammit's Journal
Evolve Dammit's Journal
June 9, 2024

I cannot accept that MSM is doing its best to make this a "normal" election. The GOP presumed nominee

is not only a convicted felon (unprecedented), but a coup plotter who damn near succeeded (unprecedented), had it not been for incredibly brave interns carrying those electoral votes in mahogany chests through the tunnels to uphold our Republic. Were it not for Capitol Police fighting 10,000 kool-aid sucking RIOTERS, and were it not for Mike Pence who upheld his Constitutionally sworn duty, while being threatened to be hanged (not sure he knew that, but plenty of GOP were running for their lives while Orange Julius watched on the big screen. By himself.

He was impeached twice. Unprecedented.

The number of States finally getting around to prosecuting the fake elector schemes. We need to see way more of that. And the litany of losses (for the Loser) in contesting 2020 results. I believe 60 cases were brought and all dismissed. Unprecedented to my knowledge.

I am convinced MSM is guilty of normalizing insanity and a mob boss who controls the House (and probably way more) then has ever been imagined. There is nothing normal about any of that. Total dereliction of duty.

PS. I do exclude Rachel, Joy, Chris, Ari, Ali, Lawrence, Jonathan, Connie, the Weekend hosts (all), and I even respect Morning Joe. Don't always agree, but Mika sorta keeps him from falling off a cliff. The both siderisms on other networks is too much for my BS meter. Keeps pegging in red.

Love DU.

February 27, 2024

Nicholle (love her) is talking about the "cold war." I would bet people under 40 have no idea what that was even all

about, unless taught by great teachers and folks like us who know exactly what the threats were and the stakes were high. Like now.

February 13, 2024

Do you feel like we're about to witness a downfall worse than any previously seen?

Cosby, OJ, Elvis and MJ come to mind for notoriety but this is a f'in POTUS charged (and convicted of RAPE)and facing other crimes in at multiple venues?

December 18, 2023

Did anyone care when WaPo reported in 2015 that Fred Drumpf was arrested at a Klan Rally in NYC? That was just his Dad??

The answer is, he has always been a rascist and hated POC. The housing discrimination lawsuit in NYC proved it 50 years ago.
Shall we forget that his family were immigrants and he married an immigrant? The "poisoning of the blood of our country" starts with his own family FCS. But the Magat base sure eats it up, cuz most are too stupid to even know about the history of immigration, the genocide and fascism of WWII and the history of our country and their own families. They actually don't care at all, and would be happy to liquidate all libs, Dems, POC, LBGTQ and all immigrants that aren't white bread.
People like Lindsay Graham, DeSatan and Haley are all good with a next term. I think we are heading for "shit hole country" status and not the Norman Rockwell version of America that never existed. The world must be wondering WTF happened to USA.

December 4, 2023

Other than MSNBC, is there ANY OTHER MSM willing to do basic journalism when the threat to

Democracy is a "clear and present danger" and we have enemies foreign and DOMESTIC stating OUT LOUD that the Constitution and Rule of Law is to be ignored and dismantled? Where is the REPORTING and fucking OUTRAGE FCS? Sorry for the CAPS but I have listened to the MSM for 8 fucking years and they are such a mamby pamby bunch of journalistic failures.
Totally disgusted given the grave threat(s).

November 5, 2023

My heart goes out to Jimmy Carter at this time. He worked so hard to bring peace and stability to

the Middle East. It must be a total gut punch at this phase of his life when he has done so much good. We have to fight hate or we get nowhere.

October 25, 2023

Stefanik's opening invoking "God" is the latest effort to divide and seems to have the needed support to elect an

insurrectionist speaker. "When fascism comes to America it will be draped in a flag and carrying a cross." Full throated Christo-fascism is what it sounded like before I shut it down.

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