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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,836

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Not a peep lately from Barr....

Anyone else notice?

Will it ever be possible to find out the contents of the password protected server?

Seems it would be one hellava "smoking gun."

I used to work for a sociopath.

They only ever think the problem is that they got caught, not what they did....

House panel to take formal steps on impeachment probe next week

It may not be happening fast enough for some, but they're following the necessary procedures....


(CNN)The House Judiciary Committee is prepared to vote next week on a resolution laying out the procedures for its investigation now that it is actively considering moving to impeach President Donald Trump, a major step toward formalizing its sweeping probe, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort.

The vote, which is expected to occur on Wednesday, will lay out the ground rules for conducting hearings now that the committee has publicly announced it is considering recommending articles of impeachment against Trump. It is expected to follow the precedent set in 1974 over the committee's procedures during then-President Richard Nixon's impeachment proceedings.
Sources told CNN on Friday that the resolution is expected to spell out that Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, has the authority to call hearings at either the full committee or subcommittee level in connection with its impeachment deliberations.


Anthony Scaramucci says Trump's team are covering up President's mental decline.

"He's in full blown meltdown."


Trump isn't crazy. He's signalling to The Epoch Times.

If anyone watched Rachel M. last night, they were informed that The Epoch Times is a group out of China who is now trying to become mainstream media in the US. They have bought the most online advertising in favor of Trump, next to the Trump re-election campaign itself. They are a spiritual organization that believes Trump was "sent" or "chosen" (sound familiar?) to destroy Communism via his trade war, which will thereby stop the persecution they are being subjected to by the Chinese government.




Dems 2020 need to run on healthcare and anti-corruption.

And they need to use the term, "anti-corruption," not some watered-down version like "cleaning up Washington" or "draining the swamp." Let's start pressing the issue HARD!

Bumper sticker: No Exoneration
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