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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 2,640

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A pet peeve of mine

is the fascist nomenclature of "Homeland." I hate it. Bush the Younger changed this. "Homeland Security." Bah. Homeland nothing. We are the United States. We are not some version of "Der Fatherland."

I want Joe to change it all back. We were doing just fine before! Our identity is not fascist!

I have gone so far as to reject courses labeled: "Homeland Security something." It is offensive to me, and I would not want a diploma hung on my wall with this word on it. It'd be like a Nazi award.

I don't know why brainless Bush had to do this. Now, we will have youngsters who know nothing else, and perceive it as normal.

Joe, Honey, do me a favor and just start changing it back. And, maybe while you're at it, take "In G-d We Trust" off the national money. We trust no one; we verify. And, also, I want Harriet Tubman on the $20. See if you can find a photo of her smiling.

The money came in.

I received the stimulus money by direct deposit on the day that they said they would give up the payment.

I feel it's worth mentioning, because everyone's been upset. I am still angry, because those Trumpians had to be threatened in order to distribute the money. I wonder what it's like to have the power to affect so many people, and you feel you should abuse that power?

Got news for you: Trump is gone. And we are NOT going to let him return. So, it did you no effing good to hang on to the money.

If you have any doubt about the ill will that the Repubs demonstrate against, oh, everybody, just remember this. There was absolutely no reason to hold this money back.

I'm becoming something of a Grey Panther. Look out Repubs, you now have many more enemies to cope with in 2022 and 2024! What were you thinking?

Is there a thread

about the National Guard troops that were held at gunpoint while transporting vaccines?

Greatest Japanese Song Ever

Kyu Sakamoto did not write this song, but he sang it in 1963. Poor guy died in a plane crash years ago, but his song lives on. You can find all sorts of renditions of it, and alternate lyrics. It is a great song.

It is particularly poignant now. Here is a You Tube version for your scrutiny:

Instagram is down

worldwide. Or, at least mostly down. Lots of countries are reporting server error messages.

I used it earlier today, adding three posts without a problem. Shortly thereafter, Instagram dies. I'm not saying I posted anything toxic, but...

Tulsa Race Massacre by Bailey Sarian

This is an interesting report of something that happened in 1921.

If you think about the context, as she tells the story, you can find parallels, and perhaps learn stuff from it. The timeline is particularly interesting.

I don't want to upset anyone, or fan flames. But, it IS topical and of interest.

A Piece of Trivia

How many people are named "Trump?"


Which one do you think this is?

Sites like this make money with click-throughs. Nothing wrong with it. I was just startled to see someone profiting off the name "Trump." Perhaps a lesser version of Trump U.

I finally heard the WH Press Secretary

on You Tube. I have read how happy DU is with her, and I can see why. Articulate, clear, expressive, polite, and well informed. It's hard to imagine anyone better.

My first time listening to her, and what sticks in my mind is how she kept telling the reporters that the Biden Administration would not be following the advice of Trump's people. I am still in combat mode, and this resonates with me.

I am so grateful for all the voters that turned out, the Georgia Peaches, and all those that are still fighting fascism and the evil Trump sycophants. I am happy with Joe's choices for his Cabinet. and now especially with his spokeswoman. The Press is probably well pleased, too.

No one human being is perfect. We all make mistakes. It is the quality of the mistakes you make that sets you apart. I will continue to occasionally mock our enemies by calling them names, etc. I love the cartoons posted, the memes and the jokes. They help diffuse tension.

I am not concerned with a position candidate that did the same in the past, as long as they live up to the high bar that Joe is setting and do a good job. This is what we want. So far, so good. I feel like we have a chance to succeed now.

In simplistic terms, the WH Press Secretary is like a Hostess greeting you at the door. Best foot forward, and I'm really happy with her.

Good Gawd, what is wrong with these animals??

I have two Pygmy goats. They are my weed control guys. I have raised them since they were weaned. We have a long, friendly relationship -- but they are not trained very much. They are free range, free wheeling little guys that absolutely stick together.

They think my husky is their herd leader. They think that because she told them so. One day, she put one of them in his place, and after that, they follow her around like troops following a General.

I started bringing my dog inside the house at night. She doesn't like it, but when Mama says "in" -- you're going in. This is because it was cold at one point, and my dog is aging. But, my goats can't come in anymore (I brought one in when he was sick as a youngster.)

Well, my Gawd! Tonight I brought her in, and the goats went nuts! They ran around and around the house, looking for a way inside. They were both at once calling and calling. I felt really bad that they can't come in, but they're *goats*! They're goats! This isn't Animal Farm!

They have never done that before, but I can't detect anything else amiss.

I am just so nervous lately. Maybe we're going through a worm hole or something. That iceberg off the coast spooked me, but other than that, what?
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