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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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Biden is getting crucified

by many different sources. the latest thing I have read is that families of the dead marines feel that he was disrespectful when receiving their caskets back home. Apparently, he looked at his watch several times. Apparently, he talked about his own son. Apparently, they don't think that their children's sacrifice had to happen.

I think you can't win for losing here. Their kids are dead. They're in some phase of the grieving process. But, I would have to say, 1) we don't know why he looked at his watch. Maybe it was set to Kabul time. Maybe he was stressed because he had a meeting with someone important. Maybe he was waiting for news of something. We just don't know. He's the President. 2) What he has in common with the parents is his own military kid. Is it really so bad that he mentioned this connection to a parent? It only indicates that he understands what they might be feeling. 3) Burn in hell, Trump. There never was going to be a good outcome after he effed it up. Less was said about the Kurds who got royally shafted, because the news media didn't care to make an issue of it. Who cares about Kurdish allies getting murdered when Erdogan is your buddy? But, let Joe have to come along and clean up your mess, and let's kick him to the curb. Joe didn't let 5,000 maniacal prisoners out of jail. Trump did. Joe didn't know that the Afghan army would cut and run. He didn't know that the Afghan president would disappear into a neighboring country, and that the government would dissolve. Instead, he did the best he could and did a major airlift, along with our allies, and tried to get everyone out. And, after the attack, he kept firm to the objective and resisted temptation.

I am pro Biden. I am an armchair warrior like all the rest. But, I'd have to say, that I take a dim view of current soldiers opening their yaps and criticizing Biden's choices behind his back. They are not free to do this. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I do not think that Biden is a coward, nor stupid. Character counts. I think there were no good choices here. I would have processed papers out of country, but other than that, the situation sucked big time.

The governments in the ME are not our friends. The people can be, but let China get it's ass kicked by the Taliban now. It's their turn. Twenty years and a trillion dollars, and the Afghan army lays down its weapons and quits. The Taliban are going to show their intent and character now. I feel bad for the people, but they should have fought for their country.

Nothing the main stream media says will change my mind about Joe. So, now we have to hear about his being "disrespectful" to fallen soldiers. Hell, he came to receive them, along with the First Lady. At least he didn't mean mouth them like Trump did, or refuse to go because of weather, like Trump did.

I'll cut the parents a lot of slack. But, everyone else can go to hell.

Fire and Flood

Take your pick. I'm currently following a major fire near me, watching the brown and black smoke being blown my way, but knowing that I am not in any danger. It would have to cross a major fwy and burn down the town before I would be forced to leave. So, I'm okay. But, others are not so lucky, and I pray for them. I keep thinking what a grand job my goats have done on the area around my place. Still, you monitor what's going on, and the sky is very ugly right now. Nothing like Calder. But, that wouldn't matter to those forced to flee.

Then, with a category 4 hurricane coming ashore tomorrow, I am frightened for those folks that are going to have to endure that. Can't catch a break. Kabul airport massacre, Hurricane Ida, and umpteen fires all around...I am listening to music with my animals at my feet, which is where they like to be. Only the loyal goats are stuck outside, but they have shelter and water. It's hot, so hot. Tomorrow it will be the same, the news filled with reports of what happened to New Orleans. When the sun goes down and I can't see the smoke anymore, I may switch to the cameras and buoy reports. I feel somewhat guilty for being able to do that, just sit here while other people are so affected by climate glitches. Kinda teary eyed, but it's just my nerves. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Good luck, people, praying for you.

The thing that I like best about my cat.

I live with a very emotional, expressive cat. I try not to humanize her, but I swear, she is every bit as articulated as any human could be. She just responds in cat verbiage, but her tonal inflictions are entirely appropriate. Her tones of response and inquiry make me feel like I have a real companion. I have dear dogs, and we communicate, but nothing like this cat. She never ignores me, but responds with every touch or brush of my hand with a question, or a comment, and it encourages me to respond to her. She is wonderful.

I know that non cat owners might not understand, but when your cat responds to you with the exact tonal inflections rising at the end of a response, clearly a question, or trails off with an appropriate comment to your own question, then you kinda wonder. If she had the withal to actually talk, it would seem entirely natural and normal and conversational. In this grave time of every one of us hurting in some way, I am grateful for this. It is so pleasant.

What depression?

What is appropriate, pandemic v. depression? Why is this not turning into a depression? We allegedly have job growth. But, people can't pay their bills. People are able to work from home, is that the difference? What measures a depression? I went through all the recessions barely touched, either because I trained myself to do with less, or because I just had a good job. I am thinking of returning to work, but Delta scares me silly. So, after I get my shot, I'll decide. Would you go to Texas to work for those stupid aholes, or set aside misgivings in order to help and also, to be sure, make a buck? In case things get worse? Would that make you a hypocrite? I am a firm believer in masking. Would you have that written into your contract, in case you ran into a situation where they said you couldn't? "It's in my contract." I believe that you can still get sick with Delta. Would it be worth it? What do you think about making money in the middle of all this? Do you think that it is inevitable that we are all going to get some form of Covid, no matter what we do?
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