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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,160

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No Real Christian Would Vote To Repeal Obamacare

Could some candidate just say it?

How many times would Jesus vote to repeal Obamacare?

Democrats need to work on messaging.

Thank You People Of Seattle And Governor Inslee

I saw a chart on CNN of cases per thousand, and King County was the best color.

People here wear masks, and every one I come across seems to be taking this problem seriously.

I work in a store and have to deal with (masked) people daily, and do all I can. I wear a mask a while after customers leave even. I am just glad King County is White, and not dark red like other parts of the state.

Thanks again for the white on the map folks.

Criminal Crybaby Civigula Trump Says He Won

And hordes of zombies believe him.


Rest In Peace Bruce Boyington - You Can Sit Where You Want In Heaven Bruce

Good Trouble.....

Trump Is Going To Have To Pardon His Kids - That Will Be Crazy Crazy Funny

I hope I won't be drinking coffee when I read the headline.

Beavis, Butt-Head, and Princess Ivigula. Probably Jared too.

Pardon, pardon, pardon, and pardon. Tiffany may be safe, but who knows. Barron is probably ok, but then again, he is a Trump.

Then there is Assange, and all them Russians in the Mueller Report. Parscale? God knows what he stole, and hid.

Then Trump will need to pardon all the rest of his buddies for all the crimes they haven't been charged with. Gonna have to think deep on this. Thousands of crimes.... Maybe millions.....

Pardon-palooza. Imagine all the trees that will have to be cut to make all the paper for all the pardons. De-forestation on steroids.

One funny thing in a raging sea of Covid Carnage.


Ivanka lost the $26 million. The kids ran a charity fraud, and lots of tax fraud. Man the pardons will have to be amazing.

Trump the greatest pardoner ever!

The State of New York is ordering extra server capacity for their Trump Organization, and Children investigations. Those should be good. Poor widdle baby crooks.

Happy Thanksgiving Alexander Vindman And Family - Thanks Brian Williams

For reminding me I need to thank some of the folks who make America better.

The list is long, but I will start with my wife, and Alexander Vindman.

And Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of DU too!

Sanity in a sea of lies, and lizard people running the Deep State (supposedly).

Media Pressuring Biden To Hire Trump Supporter To Cabinet I Have A Perfect Position For One

There is only one position a Trump Supporter would be qualified to fill.

Asylum Czar.

The Democratic Coalition Is American Voters With Working Brains Who Don't Think Lizard People

Running a pedophile ring who are blackmailing the Deep State are "really" in charge.

I saw them talking about the "Democratic Coalition" on CNN.

Made me think, and then laugh.

The Democratic Coalition is anyone with a working brain, and doesn't believe in a fantasy world who can vote.

People to whom truth, and facts matter.

That's what sets us apart.....

Barr Is Gonna Have To Indict Hundreds Of His Friends

So Trump can pardon them on his way out.

Their only hope.

The Only Way We Keep From Losing The House In 2022 Is To Indict 2,000 Trump Criminals

Of course, only indict and prosecute the ones that did actual crimes.

Let the GOP defend crook, after crook, after crook for the next 2 years.

I am not talking about political witch hunts. Just folks who broke the law working for the Trump Gang.

Carry on....
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