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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 2,058

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This is a question that must be asked.

We have Desantis, a far right extremist hardliner, as governor of Florida who won his first election by a sliver of a margin. His people have the vote counting apparatus locked up tight in their hands. Florida suddenly transitions from having been carried by Obama twice to going for Trump suddenly by GOP margins not seen there, well, since before the 2000 disaster. On election night, several reporters who do this often, including Kornacki, made comments that the Democratic vote totals in traditionally strong areas seemed low, especially Miami-Dade. Now, after four years of Desantis control, suddenly Republicans win landslides? And they flip Miami-Dade in two election cycles from 65% Democrat to 55% Republican?

Obviously, we don't want to look like Trumpies with election fraud claims in hand but zero evidence to back it up. But surely, there's someone in the state Democratic party who sees this and ask questions where they need to be asked? Anyone else here think there might be something to see in Florida other than Disney and the beach?

Just a question about Senator Warnock

They've called a "runoff" in Georgia, where candidates must get 50% + 1 vote to avoid it. As of this moment, Warnock has 49.6% of the vote to Walker's 48.3. There are a little over 44,000 votes left to count. If those votes went 50-50, which is not that likely considering where the media says most of them are coming from, adding 22,000 votes to his total would put him over the 50% mark, closer to 50.1%.

And the addition of about 19,000 votes moved him from 49.2 to 49.6. He won several of the counties where there are still outstanding ballots by double digit margins. It seems possible for him to get over the threshold and still win.

A Tribute to one of the best Speakers of the House ever


In honor of Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul, I made a contribution today to Senator Rafael Warnock's re-election campaign.

It is possible that the end of the current session of Congress might turn out to be Nancy Pelosi's last days as Speaker of the House. If Democrats wind up not holding the house, which, in spite of some good news over the past few days still looks like a possibility, then this last session prior to the holidays might be the last days of her service.

There is no question in my mind that she is one of the best Speakers I've seen in my lifetime. She has had to endure serving during a time when the other side has become increasingly hostile, ramping up hateful rhetoric, personal attacks that have nothing to do with politics, and behaving in a way that discredits their integrity. Speaker Pelosi has always been gracious in her responses. maintaining a professional demeanor in the face of some ridiculous behavior. She distinguished herself with her leadership during the Trump Insurrection, with her personnel choices for two impeachments and the January 6th investigation committee, and in the way she has handled the legislative agenda, party factions and all that goes with it. She will go down in history as one of the best Speakers of the House ever to serve.

Senator-Elect Fetterman may be on to something here...


Democratic voter turnout, even in statewide elections, can be suppressed by the fact that no one is running on their side of the ballot in state legislative races, or even in some of the congressional elections. In almost a decade, only two candidates for statewide office ever held an event in the county to rally support among Democratic voters. Josh Shapiro did in 2016, running for Attorney General, and again this time around while running for Governor. And John Fetterman did this year, running for the Senate.

Fetterman improved on Biden's 2020 margins in 56 of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania. He did not flip a single Trump county, but picking up from 3-5% more of the Democratic vote equals a lot of votes, perhaps the actual margin of his win.

It might be a good strategy for Democrats to go pay visits to supporters in Rural counties and small towns. They're there, and it obviously works to improve vote totals.

It's no longer "The Apprentice." Now, it's "The Biggest Loser."


This was a referendum on the sitting President. And regardless of which party winds up controlling either house, the Biden Administration was affirmed by the outcome of this midterm. Biden got a solid 45% job approval rating out of the exit polling, not great, but better than his predecessor's mid-term rating by 8 points and quite an improvement over the low numbers some polls indicated during the early part of this year. Against some of the toughest political issues for Americans, inflation in particular and gasoline prices, and a non-stop barrage of fear mongering based on a crime rate that has actually been dropping, the results of this midterm election affirm the direction and progress made by the Biden administration.

This was a referendum on election denying, conspiracy theories and insurrection. The former President inserted himself onto the ballot of this midterm election and he lost, big time. Endorsees that he appeared to help the most were the biggest losers, making me wonder if "The Biggest Loser" is now a Trump media production instead of "The Apprentice." His election deniers lost to a group of savvy women in Michigan, in a wipe-out of Republican challengers who were involved in some of the more despicable attempts to overturn the election. Pennsylvania, where it appears Democrats may control the state legislature for the first time in decades, was also a smack-down.

Christian nationalism lost. Fascism lost. Racism lost. And while it remains to be seen how long it takes some Republicans to realize what happened and separate themselves and the reputation of their party from extremists, it's clear that almost everything the MAGA movement stands for is a minority position, even among Republicans. Now someone has to have the integrity and presence of mind to call this stuff out and send its supporters packing.

How much help are we going to provide to Senator Warnock?

If Democrats have regrets from last night, it's that resources weren't given to Beasley and Ryan. There's a good chance that some money and help directed their way would have done some real good. It might have also kicked in some votes in several marginal house districts.

I know all of the conventional wisdom, the political realities, I've heard it through multiple election cycles.

So are we going to help out Senator Warnock in his runoff? I donated today, and will again. What else can we do and what's the DNC going to do? We need this one. Let's go get it.

I think this is funny, maybe some good humor on the Monday before the election

Trump's Dwindling Rally Crowds

The Far Trumpian Right is making a mockery of Conservative Christianity


The intrusion of secular, extremist, right wing politics into some of America's Christian churches has caused apostasy. That's exactly right, many conservative churches are apostate, because they've allowed right wing politics to change the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they've thrown Jesus under the bus. They no longer preach and teach a gospel of redemption by grace through faith in Christ, they teach redemption by voting for the person they've declared to be right.

The traveling band wagon called "Re-awaken America Tour" is making a mockery of conservative Christianity. It appears intended to do so. The involvement of both Eric Trump and Don Jr., who spend their time trying to convince Christians that all of this "turn the other cheek" and "love your enemies" stuff preached by Jesus won't get you any worldly benefits, makes the whole think a big tragedy. Tragic, because Christians actually show up for this clown show and believe the lies it is spreading.

But this is really an epidemic that is doing great damage to the testimony of the churches and pastors who are involved in it. There was a ten minute discussion on Scarborough Country on MSNBC this morning about how those Christians who are aligned with extremist right wing politics have lost their identity as Christians, the virtues spoken of in the scripture are no longer visible in their actions. Joe Scarborough brings to the table a background of experience in the Baptist faith tradition as an Evangelical himself, from a religious perspective, anyway.

An Arizona County considers hand-counting ballots.

BISBEE — Should a proposed hand count of ballots in Tuesday’s election be approved or not? It is a question Judge Casey McGinley will be considering over the weekend.

Come Monday morning, McGinley, a Pima County Superior Court judge, plans to make his ruling and decide if Arizona statute or the Elections Procedure Manual should guide his decision.

It was an all-day hearing on the proposal by Board of Supervisors members Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby and County Recorder David Stevens to count by hand ballots cast by voters in Tuesday’s election.

The Republican supervisors and county recorder want a hand count so those voters who are wary of election results tallied by machine would know their ballots were accurately cast. In a meeting Oct. 24, many voters came out in support of and in opposition to the hand count.

Though Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Cochise County Attorney Brian McIntyre and Chief Civil Deputy County Attorney Christine Roberts advised Judd and Crosby it would be illegal, they pushed ahead, leading to the lawsuit filed by the Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans Inc. and Democrat Stephani Stephenson.

Elections Director Lisa Marra, recognized widely in the state for her experience and knowledge, chose to follow the recommendation of the county attorneys and refused to be a party to it. Even so, she and Supervisor Ann English, a Democrat who voted in opposition to the hand count, were sued along with Judd, Crosby and Stevens.

The state Attorney General’s Office provided an “informal,” not fully researched, opinion to state Sen. David Gowan, which supported the hand count.

The proposal spurred a lawsuit filed by the Alliance and Stephenson which led to the courtroom and an out-of-county judge to make a decision on the hand count proposal. Cochise County Superior Court Judge Timothy Dickerson originally appointed Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson to handle the case, but it was McGinley, appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey in 2018, who was in the chair.

McGinley started by saying an amicus brief from Secretary of State Katie Hobbs would not be considered in his ruling as she waited too long to file it.

The plaintiffs in the case laid out their concerns, stating the hand count could harm Cochise County voters as the proposal came so close to Election Day and the plan for conducting the 100% hand count is not finalized. As ballots are moved from a county vault to tables somewhere in Sierra Vista, their concerns were heightened. They requested an injunction be placed to stop the count.

This ignorance is taking place in Cochise County, Arizona. The implications of this are incredible. It would hand the opportunity to cheat to the party who got the most aggressive volunteers involved in the counting, which is exactly what Republicans want.

Is it morally wrong for Christians to vote for Republicans.


My morals and my Christian values do indeed determine my vote. I won't vote for a pathological liar who has demonstrated absolutely no capacity whatsoever to recognize truth or do anything with it if he does. He lives in a fantasy la-la-land. And I won't vote for someone who has no ethical or moral compass, cheats in business, on his taxes and thinks people who handle their finances like responsible Americans are "losers" and "suckers." Nor will I vote for anyone who supports him, or any of that.

I will not vote for an election denier. If they don't believe in free and fair elections, why are they running anyway?

I will not vote for anyone who believes in conspiracy theories.

I won't vote for anyone who doesn't see the need for comprehensive gun control legislation with enforcement teeth in it. We've proven, over and over that this does not violate the right to bear arms and it can be done. School shootings are especially heinous to me.

I won't vote for any racist, anyone who espouses any kind of white supremacy theories, anyone who sees ethnicity and color as some kind of deficiency or disability.

No anti-immigration politician will get my vote.

No one who is against corporations and the wealthy paying their fair share, an equal percentage according to income, of taxes will get my vote.

No candidate is perfect, and so applying some kind of moral standard to those running for office will always fall short. Those are personal preferences, and we're all entitled to them without being judged for it. But at the core of the conspiracy theories and the calls for Christian nationalism, and the authoritarian, anti-patriotic, constitution-hating Trump, is a moral issue that makes voting for anyone who supports those candidates morally wrong.
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