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Under The Radar

Under The Radar's Journal
Under The Radar's Journal
March 2, 2020

the Trump team objective is to Appear responsible not to be responsible

How can you be managing a crisis why you are using all of your energy and resources hiding the crisis?

March 1, 2020

A Presidential License

Since we require all of our technical professionals in health and science, legal, engineering and education to obtain a certain educational level, pass criteria of testing and obtain some level of training to become licensed to legally practice in their craft, should we not amend the constitution to require the same from the political leaders that make and regulate the laws for those crafts and occupations?
Shouldn’t we require more of our President than just being American born and 35 years of age?

February 29, 2020

If not for the Stock Market and his approval ratings

He would not have spent a minute or a dime on the crisis. Top priority is to make him look responsible, not be responsible. It is the appearance of being a leader instead of actually being a leader. When things go wrong, It is always someone else's fault.

February 28, 2020

if I were a Media Executive making false stories about Trump

I could come up with much more traumatic stories than a Virus or pandemic.
That would be such a fun job too.

February 28, 2020

Fear of the virus will affect voter turnout

And low voter turnout helps the republicans. So exaggerations either direction will have affects. This is an area where the Truth will save lives.

February 27, 2020

How safe are buffet restaurants against virus spreading?

Or any restaurant without checking and making all service employees wear protective gear.

February 25, 2020

Rush Limbaugh Is Sure Coronavirus Is 'An Effort To Bring Down Trump'


Damn it! You caught me Rush. Can’t sneak anything past you can we?

February 23, 2020

Write in Adam Schiff?

Or save him for Speaker of the House?

February 23, 2020

Before Trump a 12 pack of Diet Coke was $3 now it is $5

Yet somehow there is no inflation?! That is $.18 per can increase.
Which candidate will fix this?

February 23, 2020

If Given the Chance to make a $Billion, which candidate turns it down?

Even Bernie was against multi-millionaires in 2016, He writes a book becomes a millionaire and now it is just billionaires that are evil.
They are all hypocrites by jumping on the backs of Steyer and Bloomberg for working to gain wealth.
Being honest, telling the truth instead of rehearsed talking points makes a much more likable candidate.

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