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Member since: Mon Mar 16, 2020, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,893

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Been watching Ann Richards videos on YouTube.

I miss our former Governor.

She was Texas.

Still think she won the election.

Check out her videos on YouTube.

Made it to Corpus Christi late yesterday afternoon.

A long drive from the Davis Mountains area.

The beach is beautiful, the kids love it.

They have been busy collecting shells.

I understand people selling everything and just taking off.

Do I.

The only thing missing is the kids Mom and their other Grandmother.

We will be here for a four days counting today.

How is everyone doing on the Texas coast.

I am way out in west Texas so I am missing this storm.

Everyone stay safe.

I called home and not to much yet is going on.

I hate this storms.

Made it to the Davis Mountains, it was a long drive yesterday.

I promised the kid rocks, she has rocks.

Left very early yesterday morning and got to Austin around 9 am.

Drove around so the oldest could take videos, she will be making a movie.

Left around 1pm and only stopped for gas.

It is really nice here, great weather.

The beach trip may not happen this week because of the storm we can do that next week.

Felt good to be on the road again.

Everyone stay safe on the coast.

Called Houston and so far only light rain.

Ready to go explore the area.

The youngest is so excited.

See y'all later.

The kids and I are going to take road trip before they leave.

To hill country and the beach.

We have the RV and we will stay away from other people.

The youngest needs to look for rocks and I know where to take her.

The oldest one wants to see Austin and the beach.

Last chance to it for now.

There Mom will stay at the house and take care of everything.

We will stay away from other people.

Trust me.

Leaving early in the morning.

Be gone for a week.

A lot of videos and memories will be made.

Good news, thanks to my Father my housemate will get her surgery

My Father was really big politics here.

The last person left he helped get into office is a US Representative. If I said her name you would recognize it

I called her local office and asked for help.
My housemate is a 30 year Vet.

My parents were close friends with her.

She called me back and said she will help out.

So after the kids leave for Canada the surgery will be arranged.

Hopefully here if not we will fly or drive wherever it will be.

Thanks Dad.

Thanks Representative.

Means a lot.

So it is a nice fall day in Houston.

Fall meaning less humid.

The Grandkids are cutting the grass for me,. working hard.

They have been really busy helping out.

The 12 year old and I had a long talk last night around the fire pit. We had a small fire.

She understands why they are moving, I knew she did.

She is of mixed feelings.

I told her it is important she goes, for her and her sister's future.

She was close to crying, so was I.

I told her I am a phone call away anytime she needs me.

The 2016 election has changed so many life's.

President Hillary Clinton would have made a big difference.

But it is what it is.

Elections matter.

Today is bbq day, the kids will be making chicken for us.

I will be passing on some skills.

Have a good day everybody.

In 1973 I finished high school, passed my test for union training.

Had the whole summer off and spent it in Austin.

It was a great summer.

My parents gave me the money they saved for college and said go to Austin and enjoy the summer.

I did.

1973 abortion became legal.

Things were looking up.

Texas was run by Democrats.

Now it is 2021 and I am glad I am not that same age now.

The future was there, just grab it.

I did.

Now we have this mess to deal with.

I would like to be that kid back in 1973 again.

Austin was a blast back then.

Well, the grand children and their mom are with us now until they leave for Canada

They were renting a townhouse but the lease was up.

We have been tested negative all is well.

We will get to spent the rest of the 3 weeks together.

The kids are sleeping now with their Mom, been a long day.

I miss them alreÓdy.

But they safe in Canada.

Damn I hate Republicans.

It is official.

My Grandkids and Mother are moving to Canada.

Her mother the bio grand mother was born in Canada.

The new job is there.

Everything set.

My granddaughters will be safe.

Should not have to be.

My Grandkids are not baby machines.

They are human beings.

Birth control is next.

Abortion was just the start.

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