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Member since: Sat Sep 5, 2020, 06:11 PM
Number of posts: 762

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Apeman - The Kinks


Old Glory was torn off our Nations Capital & thrown to the ground as insurgents tried to replace it.

Let that sink in a minute. How is that not an insurrection? The American Flag was torn off the Capital and desecrated by domestic terrorists as they tried to replace The Stars and Stripes with.a.Trump.flag!

I guess the Nazi's acted on their "own volition" as well. What a bunch of degenerates!

The radical left? That is just...

How did Lauren Boebert get elected? Didn't she cut off her husbands penis? Methinks so

There is no reasoning with these junkyard dogs

Shouldn't Insurrection should be a no brainer?!

Republicans impeached Clinton for going to third base and lying about it.

The only wall completed because of Trump is the 7ft non-scalable wall currently around the Capital.

If Trump resigns, will he be eligible for presidential pension?

If that motley mob of "low class" reich wing Trumpsters showed up at Mar-a-Lago

would that unwashed mass of low IQ highly felonious boot lickers have been able to darken the doors there? Methinks not! Trump would have ordered security long before the dirty dozens got within a mile of Mar-a-Lago! Trump hates that the world has seen the face of Trumpism and that face is filthy, but Trump could not care less about the loss of life or destruction of democracy!
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