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Member since: Sat Sep 5, 2020, 06:11 PM
Number of posts: 772

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If that motley mob of "low class" reich wing Trumpsters showed up at Mar-a-Lago

would that unwashed mass of low IQ highly felonious boot lickers have been able to darken the doors there? Methinks not! Trump would have ordered security long before the dirty dozens got within a mile of Mar-a-Lago! Trump hates that the world has seen the face of Trumpism and that face is filthy, but Trump could not care less about the loss of life or destruction of democracy!

Trump is not a cancer on the Republican Party, the Republican Party is the Cancer

The Republican Party Cancer has been mutating and metastasizing for generations. This latest version is a particularly malignant, spiteful, vicious and virulent mutated tumor, and its name is Trump.

Is anyone here really surprised? This was the only way this shit show was ever going to end.

Trump has ALWAYS had a scorched earth paradigm, so we got scorched earth. 14 days and this horror will be over!

Trump outraged that "the most elegant First Lady" has been blackballed from magazine covers...

What's Whiny Donald sniveling about now? Several magazines have captured the elegance of Melania


Now the real party begins, but unlike the Donner Party,

the Republican Party is going to start eating each other ALIVE!

Trump has been downgraded from "tool" to "useless tool" around the globe.

If "Trump" is the answer, what is the Jeopardy question?

Example: What US president wanted to buy Greenland?

Can someone please direct me to a Donation Match site for the Biden Campaign?

I have donated a couple times through Actblue to help the Democratic Senate races and each time my $100 donation was matched X 4, making each $100 donation a $400 donation. I would like to donate to the Biden Campaign and get a match if I can, but have yet to find a site. Your assistance will be most appreciated!

If you could put ANYTHING on Pence's head, what would it be?

Covid??? Trump's been psychotic since childhood!

Trump's getting Covid proves only that Covid-19 drugs have done bupkus to CURE Trumps psychotic behavior. Since Trump contracted Covid his behavior has been quite typical, not peculiar. Let's not have mass amnesia to the fact that we had been enduring Trump's psychotic episodes for 1350 days pre-Covid too.
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