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Member since: Fri Oct 2, 2020, 01:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,265

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Ron Johnson has the answer!!!

His new commercials let us know that poor people are the cause of inflation!

He keeps stating to cut wastful spending. Of course that means food stamps, housing allowance, heating assistance, child care assistance, etc.

You see, Ron and all repubs, believe that all of America's problems are because poor people have too much money.

This guy needs to be voted out!

Mad men

One more thing from Hutchinson's testimony.....Does Meadows think he's a star in the TV show Mad Men? laying on the couch in his office scrolling his phone constantly?

What an asshole.

Ann Coulter

16 years ago she admitted she sent an envelope of white powder to the new york times, this was during the anthrax mailing scare.

Today would be about the time she would have gotten out of prison, that is, if it were you or I. But, because she was a repub, not even a slap on the wrist.


You'd think he'd start the war drums about trump being guilty. Seems like the iron is hot right now.

Andrea Mitchel

the altercation in the car "was just here say"


It's time

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas. make that into the right wing country of Jesusland. They can make babies, then kill them in school with all their guns.

The government will have to provide billions to citizens for relocation fees; repubs in, good guys out. Make a 1 mile Gaza strip around it, that would be out of AR15 shooting distance.

I'm sorry for my dem friends in those states that would have to move, but for the good of the country, we need to split it off.

We can then have our sane (but smaller) country back!

I got a vasectomy years ago.

If these dickheads outlaw contraception, would those be outlawed too?


Johnson hitting hard about sucky economy, high gas prices, blaming Biden, liberals, Evers. Dem commercial, a smile, his wife saying how nice of a guy he is, and his baby in the ad.

Butter knife at a gun fight.

My conspiracy theory.

I bet the SC had this Roe decision in their back pocket days after their super majority. They waited for a future repub disaster. And here it is, the repubs know/knew this committee would find hard evidence about Trump and his cronies tying him to J6. Once that became evident, the phone call was made to leak the memo/overturn Roe. It's the repubs way of changing the subject, and now it had to be used.

Donahue unbelievable statement

He said something to the affect of having to explain how elections are actually each states responsibility. "I had to explain in lay man terms to the president".

You name one president other than trump that wouldn't understand that. You can't!
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