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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 1,042

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I wonder if Gaetz and others are planning a stunt for tomorrow, like when they seized the SCIF

we need to be ready for anything

US Supreme Court has outright REJECTED the Texas suit

MSNBC right now



Stuart Stevens (of Project Lincoln): strip Congressional pensions from GOP seditionists


THIS is the kind of hard ball I want.

media - ask trump: if COVID is a hoax, why are you demanding a "vaccine or resignation"?????

we should be hitting them so much harder, PR-wise, for what they are doing. nt

if "All Lives Matter" then certainly ALL VOTES MATTER, right GOP??????

is Barr running a bogus investigation of Hunter Biden to try to force Joe to pardon him

to put an end to the bullshit --- that the GOP will then use to protect the pardons of the corrupt trump crime family

the right hates regulation. A synonym for "policing" is "regulating." DEREGULATE OUR COMMUNITIES

Can this be a slogan we can use?


how can they object to deregulation?

tell Rick Wilson: his guns-on-demand worldview has created a vast violent armed militia that is now

essentially running this country, laws be damned.

I really like Rick, but the part of his book that I hate is the contempt he has for "liberals" who want to regulate guns. He says we just need to accept how much Americans love guns and give up.

No Rick. For many many reasons, no.

Genevieve Peters posts video of herself making threats at home of MI SOS

not the sharpest knife in the drawer

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