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I was a Sanders supporter in 2016 (who of course turned out to vote for Hillary in the general election, being a loyal Democrat--even said "I'm with her!" at the time of her nomination). In 2020, while still sympathetic to Sanders and his positions on issues, I turned out in the Michigan Democratic primary to vote for Joe Biden— as I did feel that it was most important for a Democrat to kick ‘the former guy’ out of the White House, and that we nominate the strongest candidate possible (i.e. not someone who could be credibly flagged as an ‘extemist’— although the GQP did their best at it, and still attempt it...) I have been a Democrat all my life-- ever since my parents helped me aquire a McGovern button in 1972...

Since the election and Joe Biden’s victory, I have been very happy with my new President Joe Biden, and the progressive initiatives he has supported and defended. He is my fucking hero! Although there might be a few issues where I might wish for more-— it is early yet, and I cannot predict what might be possible for his ‘future transformation’— but I am more than satisfied with what I have gotten from my President so far!

(I supported Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988, after Hart screwed himself out of it… always thought Joe got a raw deal over very little.)

“I’m with Joe”! BIDEN 24!!!!!

I strongly support President Biden's move towards covid vaccine mandates (my only problem is they might have been too slow-- but a short time ago things looked better than they do now, and the wheels of government turn slowly... he has now taken the absolutely correct position, and this is the kind of leadership for which I voted!!!)

I own a Biden flag and sundry Biden bumperstickers which I would like to display--- but I fear making myself vulnerable to slashed tires or random gunshots into my home! I would like to be more courageous and dismissive of the threats of the right, but in my older age I realize I am no longer 'immortal'. (when I was 18 years I had so many left-wing bumperstickers on my car that a cop commented on them, after pulling me over...derisively... but now I fear even posting a sticker that says "I'm with Joe"??!! WTF has happened to this country...? I did my best, anyway)

At least it is safe on this site to say, "I'm with Joe and Kamala!!!"
My Biden flag flies proudly in my basement, here with my computer station..

Love you all... even those with whom I sometimes do not agree!

Those of you who are young and energetic, and motivated and active and aggressive and activated and "activists"-- I love you especially! I wish I were out there with you! You do the work of my heart, and I THANK YOU for doing what I don't have the energy to do anymore... God bless you!!!! (or whatever entity you may or not believe in, lol)

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Wed Sep 15, 2021, 01:48 AM (3 replies)

Anti-mask protesters show up at Florida school board member's home and cough in her face

According to a report from Florida Today, a Brevard County School Board member and her daughter were harassed in front of her home on Wednesday night by anti-mask protesters that ended with one protester coughing in her face at close range.

The report notes that Jennifer Jenkins has been under fire from local anti-vaxxers with calls for her to resign and some protesters calling her a "tyrant" for advocating pro-mask policies in schools.

Those attacks escalated on Wednesday when protesters showed up at her home.

Florida Today reports that Jenkins filed a report with Satellite Police Department after a protester coughed in her face. Jenkins also said a protester swung a flag at her.

Read more:

An anti-mask protester came to her home, and coughed in her face?!

That is arguably a threat to her very life. Nay, not just a threat, but a potentially deadly assault!

Florida has the "Stand your ground" law... It seems to me that someone attacked thusly would be legally justified, under that law, of defending themselves however they thought necessary. They would certainly be morally justified.

Threatening someone with exposure to COVID is a threat to their life. It's not "freedumb"...

In this case, it was clearly an assault.

I am OVER these people.

Posted by DemocraticPatriot | Sat Sep 4, 2021, 04:00 AM (33 replies)
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