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Member since: Wed Mar 10, 2021, 07:57 PM
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It really is time for us to ask:

WHAT THE HELL DOES TRUMP HAVE ON MITCH and MACARTHY? Are they a part of that satanic pedophile group they keep projecting on the Democrats?

You know, I haven't heard this sentiment pushed by Democrats to the extent it should be IMHO.

The Trump followers, including the Republicans who kiss his ass, demonstrate a lack of morality, respect for law and order and democracy, and human decency that parents of good character and noble intention struggle to avoid for themselves and their chldren. Refusing to obey rules of common safety like wearing a mask, getting a vaccine during a pandemic is just one example. But look what happened on Jan 6 and think long and hard about it. Violence AGAINST uniformed law enforcement, desecration of the American flag (which they say is worthy of the death penalty), refutation of democracy in action, disrespecting our government, and lying about it all over and over again.

They have no shame. They care only about Trump, their guns, and themselves and the country be damned!

I'm trying my best to learn three language, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish so I can become fluent enough to any of them in the presence of mixed political company and drive them up the freakin' wall.

Just viewing the AP building on MSNBC.

If there were so many weapons stored in or under that building why are destroyed weapons visible or shown by major news organizations?

I didn't see any signs requiring masks at our Trader Joe's

But every customer in the store was wearing one.

If you are watching Andrea on MSNBC with the Israeli spokesman

you see exactly what the issue is. Israeli settlers started this latest retaliation by the Palestinians yet the Palestinians get blamed for it. A nation that has a record of striking and killing even journalists as well as innocent women and children cannot be believed.

The entire focus on Hamas storing arms in the same building that the AP was housed in is really a diversion. That building was there with AP for how long without Israel even mentioning Hamas using the building for weapons. It was not until the settlers started the attacks on the Mosque and Hamas retaliated that Israel decided to make the building an issue. Perhaps, Israel should focus on the terrorists settlers who seem to be excused for any atrocity they commit.

I am not only keeping my mask on when shopping. I still wear my gloves because...........

I purposely focused on how I began using my hands after being vaccinated Terrible how I lapsed back into bad habits.

I just enjoy being free from those nasty annual infections I am willing to be ridiculed in and outside my home. Hand washing inside but outside I will go back to using my gloves.

This is a small thing, I know.

But lately, the small things have been mattering more.

I had to phone my physical therapy office this morning to check on a schedule. It was so refreshing to speak with a human telephone operator and then be referred to a human office receptionist.

It felt comforting that some humans in some places where actually taking care of customer service on the first call.
Maybe I will call the hospital a few days out of the month just to get that service again???

The grands and I are sad right now. Went to COSCO for the first time in almost a year.

Not shopping for food but for a couple pairs of PJs. I decided to treat the grands to some COSCO pastries which are always good. As we were mulling over the special muffins on sale and elderly gentleman came up to us and asked how much sugar was in the muffins. The three of us answered that we didn't know, tried to read the label but could find no measurements for the sugar. I finally replied that sugar was the first ingredient listed so he could be sure it was a lot.

Then he said, "You know I really would like to have one but it probably isn't good for me. But I'm 85 so what difference does it make? My wife is not here. She is in heaven but if she were here she would tell me if i could have it or not. I hardly know what to do without her. She was a good wife. I'm all alone now. We never had any children." At this point tears were forming in our eyes . In an effort to try to stop them I quickly said, "I bet she would want you to treat yourself?" He: "Yes, but there are too many and they are too big."
Me: "You can always cut one in small pieces and freeze the rest,"
He: "I dunno. I don't have long to live anyway without her. Sometimes I wish I could die, but then, I just don't die."
Me "Well, suppose I buy a pack and give you just one muffin?"
He: "That's so nice of you but I better not. Thanks.
Me and the grands thru tears as he walked away: "Ok, take care of yourself." "Nice to have met you."

Granddaughter 1 as we walked to our car: "You know, I feel so bad. i should have given him my phone number and told him to call us if he needed someone to talk to. Granddaughter 2: "Let's go back and see if he is still there. We can help him with his groceries and give him one of the muffins."

Me: the place is too crowded. I doubt that we could find him now.

We drove home in sad silence, one granddaughter quietly tearing and sniffing.

I can't get the old man out of my mind. He brought back all the memories of losing my spouse back in April of 2020.
I need to stay out of COSTCO.

On eidt: Yes, we all were masked, including the elder man.

Did the US really veto a vote for a cease fire in Israel and Gaza?

Just saw that in a tweet but can't believe it.

M. Taylor Grifter is a disgrace to our political system as are most other GOPers. nt

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