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Across-the-Desk's Journal
Across-the-Desk's Journal
May 17, 2024

The Will Rogers Experiment - Carpetbagging Politicians from Texas

This week on The Will Rogers Experiment. It's the 'Carpetbagger' episode this week as Kit Fairchild and Sean Cummings talk about a Republican primary challenger to Representative Tom Cole who lives in Texas but just recently purchased 500 acres, with no house, 14 miles from the Oklahoma/Texas border by the name of Paul Bandar. And the best part?? The 500 acres isn't even in Oklahoma U.S. House District 4!! He actually used the address of a Conservative extremist in Norman, which he has never lived at. But there's more!! We also talk about other carpetbaggers from Texas in Oklahoma politics starting with James Lankford then going on to Matt Langston and Dan Isset, who still reside in Texas themselves.



May 12, 2024

S9:E15 (Gov. Kevin Stitt's Lack of Vision)

This week on Across the Desk, Kit Fairchild closes out Season 9 with the fiasco that is the anti-DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Executive order has shut down the NEW Leadership program at the University of Oklahoma. The program was to help women navigate the tough waters of politics as well as prepare to be leaders in business and the arts. when Governor Stitt found out about he closure of the popular program, he said he is not for keeping women out of politics or business and it wasn't his intent to do so. He was looking at it more from a racial standpoint which really doesn't make it any better.. Even admitting that it was an unintended consequence, due the fact Kevin Stitt lacks the vision to see ahead more than 1 or 2 moves.

May 8, 2024

The Will Rogers Experiment w/ Sean Cummings and Kit Fairchild

This week on The Will Rogers Experiment, Sean Cummings and Kit Fairchild talk about the fiascos and the failings of State Superintendent of Education, Ryan Walters. As ell as the short sighted vison of Governor Kevin Stitt and the (R) Legislature when it comes to a program at Oklahoma University that was a incubator for women in leadership due to the dramatic banning of DEI at public universities


April 28, 2024

S9:E14 (Gaza War Protest)

This week on Across the Desk, Kit Fairchild talks about the pro-Palestinian protest that have been going on around the world and how Conservatives, Republicans, and the radical right are using the same play book when they used the same tactics to call Vietnam war protesters communist, degenerates, criminals and even violent terrorist as they are arrested for 'trespassing' and mention of violence against anyone..

April 24, 2024

The Will Rogers Experiment w/ Sean Cummings & Kit Fairchild

This week on the Will Rogers Experiment, Sean Cummings and Kit Fairchild talk about the never ending drama with the Oklahoma Department of Education as a defamation lawsuit brought on by Summer Boismeir was given the green light by a federal judge by refusing to dismiss the lawsuit. Also, Sean has a meeting with one of the board members of OCPAC, the next OSDE board meeting will be this Thursday at 9:30am and Defense of Democracy will be having a showing of the film 1946 with a discussion after at The Village Library this Sunday at 3:30PM...


April 21, 2024

Across the Desk - S9:E13 (The Conservative Values of Political Violence)

This week on Across the Desk, Kit Fairchild talks about the increasingly alarming rhetoric by Republicans like Tom Cotton and Keri Lake who are encouraging their minion followers to commit violent acts against the political opposition if the dare to protest or cast a vote for their political rivals. As well as commentary about the normalization of violence by Conservatives to make it a core staple of their Values today.

April 18, 2024

The Will Rogers Experiment - Walters sends in a PR Person in Place of a Lawyer

This week on The Will Rogers Experiment, Kit Fairchild and Sean Cummings talk about the state of the Oklahoma Department of Education as more than 130+ employees have voluntarily resigned leaving a PR person and OCPA representative Lindsey McSparrin, to act as a lawyer in place of the legal team that left the OSDE... The whole team... As well as our take on the strategic blunder (or is it?) of Iran sending in 200 drones and missiles only to see 198 of them get shot down before they even made it to Israel.


April 14, 2024

Across the Desk - S9:E12 (Abortion - The Winning Issue for Democrats)

This week on Across the Desk, Kit Fairchild talks about how abortion has been the Republican white whale. As now that they have caught him, they seem to be going down with the ship. We have seen in the past week a Legislator's seat in deep red Alabama go to the Democrat by a margin on 25 points and all because she ran on the IVF & abortion issue. As well as the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that set abortion back to the Civil War era in that state and now Republicans can't seem to run away from abortion, as well as judges they appointed, as the polling shows a resounding favor for legal abortion and maternity care, including birth control. Combine that with the fact that Republicans have poor messaging on the subject if not out right mixed messaging as they don't seem to have a unified message, much less a plan, to address the abortion debate.

April 11, 2024

The Will Rogers Experiment w/ Sean Cummings & Kit Fairchild

This week on The Will Rogers Experiment Sean Cummings and Kit Fairchild talk about the state of Oklahoma politics as they discuss the contrast between Sean giving away $80K to pay off school lunch debt and Ryan paying $80K out of tax payer money earmarked for education. As well as discuss a stalled bill in the Oklahoma Legislature that would provide free breakfast and lunch for kids in school. As well as the isolation that Senator Dahm and Senator Deevers must feel in the State Chamber as their strong armed and uncouth tactics push more lawmakers away.


April 7, 2024

Across the Desk - S9:E11 (The Art of War - The Strategic Blunders of Israel & Hamas)

This week on Across the Desk, Kit Fairchild talks about the strategic blunders of Israel and Hamas when it comes to the killing of civilians, aid workers and attacking Iran's Consulate, as well as a little about Russia and Ukraine.

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